Brainpowered Tools to Disagree

eweber   November 15, 2015   25 Comments

Conflict grows perilous for those who lack brainpowered tools, yet disagreement’s add linchpins of growth for those equipped with sharp mental tactics.  Watch warfare erupt in your circles and you’ll likely see 1 of 10 instigators: 1. Angry folks show few skills to tame their amygdala. 2. Stubborn people often… Read more »

Your Brain on Peace – Veteran Remembrance Forward!

eweber   November 6, 2015   No Comments

On Veterans Day and many other occasions – we celebrate heroic men and women who stand for peace. We honor every precious soul who laid down their lives so that peace stands a chance. Hopefully, we also ask, “What if robust peace worked better than war?” Or, “What if brilliant… Read more »

Poverty or Possibilities for Urban Schools?

eweber   October 30, 2015   No Comments

It’s impossible to lead urban schools, according to popular Rochester publisher Mary Anna Towler. In her October 28th editorial Towler wrote: “The problem is that the public and community leaders expect the impossible from the school district.” Do you agree? Few dispute that Rochester’s child-poverty rates near bottom in the… Read more »

Integrated Learning at Secondary?

eweber   October 17, 2015   No Comments

Brain based learning actively applies new facts to achieve innovative initiatives across traditional disciplines. Learners apply new content to craft original products or solve real world problems – rather than memorize facts for paper-pencil tests. Yes, in spite of obstacles such as separated classes in secondary or university classes that… Read more »

Transform Sarcasm into Humor with Mental Muscle

eweber   September 15, 2015   2 Comments

Imagine a learning and leading circle not handcuffed to past sarcasms that exclude some, but freed with humor that benefits all! Build mental muscle that transforms sarcasm into humor that fosters learning and raises IQ for many! People who enjoy sarcasm defend its harsh, bitter derision as mere irony and… Read more »

Learning Teens, Tots, and Teachers Crave!

eweber   September 6, 2015   No Comments

What would it take to start the new term with a learning community that works with all brains on-board? Good news: For each learning benefit you crave, you possess brain parts that can act as tools to bring it about! In the poster below you can identify the brain parts… Read more »

Monarch Butterflies – Brain Based Tasks – Teens and Tots

eweber   August 29, 2015   No Comments

Imagine the benefits when older learners create cool learning activities for younger learners to teach the awesome wonders of monarch butterflies! Older learners retain 90% more because they teach as they learn! Younger learners gain personal attention from a teen! Teachers gain materials to create booths and centers for biology… Read more »

Student-Led Celebration of Innovation – Final Exam Alternative!

eweber   August 16, 2015   No Comments

Imagine your students raving about their final exam – because it magically transformed itself into a celebration! I’m talking about a Brain Based Celebration of Innovation. Imagine the anxiety of final exams converted into exhilarating adrenaline of student-led learning that engaged the entire community! No wonder students and parents and… Read more »

Why Do Brains Resist or Run to Community Outreach?

eweber   June 23, 2015   No Comments

Ever wonder how your brain uploads new ideas? How it runs with wonder toward inspired ideas – or rejects renewal like bats reject sunshine? Or have you sensed brilliance that thrives just beyond your reach? The brain holds secret paths toward new ideas such as combining learning+summer fun+giving as in… Read more »

Looking for Summer Learning Adventures?

eweber   June 10, 2015   2 Comments

Imagine a summer where you aced a sizzling new skill and came away with terrific takeaways – all from your own multiple intelligences. It can happen with a few adjustments – even in an ordinary day. Invite a teen to try it with you and add to the fun!  Start… Read more »