Reflect Change with Smart Skills

To reflect is to change, even change that creates friction at times! Apply novel approaches and you encounter ruts inside the human brain. Have you seen it happen? Transformation, especially ethical renewal that adds dividends for all,  takes risk! To move stagnant mental eddies into rushing waterfalls requires novel approaches, and an ability to admit mistakes. What changes would improve your situation today?

Change works best when times are tough.  Nor does it take a genius to agree that improvements rarely take hold in toxic work settings. Several broken systems currently in this country present ideal grounds for innovation, that bypasses the brain’s proclivity for ruts.  When creativity touches down on grounds furrowed for growth, improvement finds its chance to root and grow. Have you encountered that?

Hard and soft skills no longer work, since lasting change involves solutions that draw from and integrate multiple intelligences.

Use smart skills and you also question, target, expect move and reflect – to create new neuron pathways to improvement. Without questions – find passivity. Without expectations – find sloppiness. Without movement find wasted talents. Without reflections – find stagnation. How so?

1. Question new opportunities and you’ll engage curiosity as fuel for change.

Check out how it works:

Smart skill 1 = Question to Refuel Finances Past Media Fears
Smart skill 2 = Question to Leap Over Life’s Ruts
Smart skill 3 = Question with the Brain in Mind and Move
Smart skill 4 = Question Research to Create Cutting Edge Tools
Smart skill 5 = Question Myths and Reboot Brainpower
Smart skill 6 = Question Ahead for Grandparent or Family Roles
Smart skill 7 = Question to Know How You are Smart
Smart skill 8 = Question with Two Feet to Spark Curiosity
Smart skill 9 = Question Broken Systems with Solutions in Mind
Smart skill10 = Question Brainpower Through Growth Survey

2. Target improvements and then create a plan to apply and follow for change.

Check out how it works:

Smart skill 11 = Tone for Tough Times
Smart skill 12 = Target to Reboot your Brain
Smart skill 13 = Target Working Memory to Learn New Skills
Smart skill 14 = Target Agreement in Disagreeable Settings
Smart skill 15 = Target Lessons from Opposing Views
Smart skill 16 = Target Multiple Intelligences – Run from Lectures
Smart skill 17 = Target Teen Talent
Smart skill 18Target Brain Cell Regeneration
Smart skill 19 = Target Differences Between Gender Brains
Smart skill 20 = Target Neurogenetics of Ethics

3. Expect growth on an ongoing basis by charting and measuring improvements

Check out how it works:

Smart skill 21 = Expect Outrageous Agility with Age
Smart skill 22 = Expect Neuron Pathways to Dynamic Solutions
Smart skill 23 = Expect Peace in Brain Based Bits
Smart skill 24 = Expect to Bypass Bullies Where you Work
Smart skill 25 = Expect Vision to Fuse Racial Differences
Smart skill 26 = Expect Calm Under Pressure
Smart skill 27 = Expect Brain Benefits from Humor
Smart skill 28 = Expect Active Participation by Facilitating
Smart skill 29 = Expect Added Value with Name Calling
Smart skill 30 = Expect More Memory by Outsourcing Key Facts

4. Move intelligences into action and inspire people to toss in their talent.

Check out how it works:

Smart skill 31 = Move Tone Tools to Open Opportunities
Smart skill 32 = Move Past Regret by Doing its Opposite
Smart skill 33 = Move Beliefs into Action to Win
Smart skill 34 = Move Beyond Technology that Fails
Smart skill 35 = Move People Back to Center
Smart skill 36 = Move Beyond Myths of Safety
Smart skill 37 = Move Brainpower into Reconfigured Learning
Smart skill 38 = Move to Replace Broken Systems
Smart skill 39 = Move Innovation into Invention
Smart skill 40 = Move Intelligences up a Notch Today

5. Reflect to Ensure Change is an Ongoing Practice for Improvements.

Check out how it works:

Smart skill 41 = Reflect to Extend Daily Reach
Smart skill 42 = Reflect for Runways in Depression
Smart skill 43 = Reflect – then Leap like Lauren
Smart skill 44 = Reflect on Life-Changing Brain Facts
Smart skill 45 = Reflect to Change your Mind
Smart skill 46 = Reflect – Then Bolt from Meetings
Smart skill 47 = Reflect Past Wall St. Prostitutes
Smart skill 48 = Reflect for Brainier Online Results
Smart skill 49 = Reflect Peace to Trump any Battle Plan
Smart skill 50 = Reflect  Change with Smart Skills

Have you noticed that when change needs emerge, the most creative and intelligent people tend to step up to the plates? Do you?

27 thoughts on “Reflect Change with Smart Skills

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  3. JD

    Once again your timing is spot on. This deep insight to change and Military princples verus peace provides a platform to take the best of all compondents to make our futher better. Your research and links is very impressive. I like to take the best of the past and present to prepare for a great future.

    JDs last blog post..Self Development

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