Pastries, Players and Critical Thinking in High TQ Game

What do pastries, players and critical thinking possess in common?

It’s called High TQ and students especially love to play it with a few high tea style pastries. Editable treats are optional however.  Respect is not! Critical thinking skills come together in this game so that students engage opponents’ perspectives in ways that help players learn from differences.

The object of the game is to grow a High TQ through respectfully articulated differences. Players know and become known – with the simple dropping of a disc or square to show your stuff at the right time, to an opponent on the same topic.

The game ends when 66 cards are played or at any predetermined time. The fact that students request this game again and again shows what fun and benefits come from respectfully disagreeing with peers in a fast-paced game across topics they enjoy.


You can download this respect and curiosity-building game to try with your class at my Tpt site.

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