Video – Shows How to Learn More in Less Time

Looking for change that brings success they deserve to more secondary students? The key is to start with students’ mental strengths – and they all have plenty! Strengths differ – so teach teens to climb into the helm of their own brains – and help them to lead as they learn!

Ready to hover-board  past that lecture so that teens can access their strengths?

Practical mind drivers can help you to move from lectures to learning in upper grades and at work – with the brain more in find. Progress! Play! Prosper! You already come with all the mental equipment you need for this video to set you on a new path for the next era!

Discover how to lead as you learn, and learn as you lead! Play to ensure you will learn smarter not work harder. Ready-to-roll tools and NO PREP tasks, with guides to help you facilitate brain based learning, and leading!

If your teens love to wield tools – such as mind drivers –  to unleash hidden and unused parts of their brains in any class – they’d enjoy kick-starting their brains with smart skills provided below. Let us know how they do – tell us how we can support you more!


One thought on “Video – Shows How to Learn More in Less Time

  1. eweber Post author

    Enjoy this free video – and happy LEARNING/LEADING in 2016! Let’s build a finer world together – by using tools that bring difference into benefits for all! Ellen

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