Monthly Archives: September 2008

Flexibility’s Force and Foibles

Just as top gymnasts bend without breaking,  flexible brains adapt with unbelievably pliable approaches. Did you know – Human brains come equipped with flexibility, or plasticity, that takes exercise to sustain? Plasticity, or mental elasticity has less to do with age and far more to do with choices? People are… Read more »

25 Facts to Rejuvenate Your Brain

Add life-changing brainpower  through 25 recent facts from the brain sciences: 1. Boredom is more a habit formed in brains, and shaped by your choices,  than a reality. 2. Environment counts, and a healthy setting helps people transform problems into solutions. 3. Well being comes partially from and is fueled… Read more »

Target Agreement in Disagreeable Settings

While some leaders literally wire their brains for gridlock and compromise that can poison communications, it’s also true that disagreements can  blast open  doors to life-changing ethical insights.  When people differ with the brain in mind, they build goodwill among those who differ. How so? If you’ve ever benefited from… Read more »

Beat Intimidation with Creative Vision

Whenever you cotton onto the notion that people or problems diminish you, that self-critique begins to bury your brain’s tools for excellence. In contrast, your brain holds hidden reflection equipment to build visions that develop confidence and take risks to achieve mind-bending results. Yes, regardless of other’s impressions of your… Read more »

Five Checkpoints to Brain Based Learning

If you agree that traditional learning ignores the brain’s amazing capabilities to excel, you’ll likely also agree that MITA Brain Based learning approaches could add successful opportunities to the learning process. How so? We at the MITA Brain Based Center see all humans as capable of developing far more brainpower for both personal and group growth…. Read more »

Lehman News – Another One Hits the Bust

Who could predict that yet another Wall Street rock-like leader,  Lehman, would shatter today’s news with losses too big to recover? Sadly, another one hits the bust, and Wall Street is said to standby stymied, staring down defeat in response. What’s your response? Surprising, financial busts offer an ideal setting for leaders to build new… Read more »

Target Working Memory to Learn New Skills

Have you slammed onto ruts or slipped into routines lately? To learn new technology, or accept an invitation to propose an innovation  takes more working memory, and relies less on traditions or habits. Ready to propel your life and leadership to new heights? Tap into the wonder of  working memory, and you’ll find… Read more »

Creativity in MITA Celebration of Growth

A MITA Celebration provides an opportunity to try out and celebrate newly created solutions – with the brain in mind. In MITA Leadership Certification programs, participants showcase newly created solutions to stubborn problems at work. Key results are then expressed as innovative resolutions in a Celebration Event.                 This MITA celebration event could be called the heart of this leadership… Read more »

Override Your Brain’s Default for Ruts

If you find yourself protecting your turf or stuck in a rut with boring routines, you’ve likely defaulted to your basal ganglia. No need to stay there, once you see how your brain can create neuron pathways beyond these potholes. Probably you’ve observed how static lives come from dull daily routines where people settle into the cortisol that comes with… Read more »

Tone – A Standing Ovation to Diversity

Tone tools create goodwill – even in war zones. The body language of communication, tone brings a smile of inclusion or adds a snub of rejection. It embodies the warmth of thanks, and also chills your peers with criticism. Good tone articulates problems with solutions in mind, while poor tone… Read more »