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Do Social Networks Add Friends?

eweber   February 28, 2009   2 Comments

Would you agree with Oxford Scholar, Robin Dunbar, that brainpower limits the size of your social network? Master connectors do better than most. Team building expert, and friend, Mike Cardus sent me an interesting article today to show how many friends most people engage online. Dunbar’s research concluded that the… Read more »

Social Media Helps or Hurts Brainpower

eweber   February 25, 2009   8 Comments

Researchers suggest that social media can harm kids’ brains, and few would disagree. Either way, social networks such as Twitter are here to stay. My question is, what impact do online networks play in adult minds? Increasingly, brain gurus such as Susan Greenfield weigh in on such topics as more… Read more »

Motivation – Wings for Achievement

eweber   February 24, 2009   8 Comments

If motivation adds wings for achievement, and if when cut off – performance drops to the ground, what does your motivational airship look like today? My point is, unless you know what motivation looks like, you’ll rarely ride its wonder, or fuse its mental energy into your day. To cross … Read more »

Math and Science Can Leak Brainpower

eweber   February 23, 2009   8 Comments

Leaders watch US education falling behind globally, and mistakenly call for far much more math and science. On first glance, hard science focus may make sense, expect for dangerous imbalance to human brains and achievement. How so?  Learners, equipped with a full range of  multiple intelligences, use their unique mix… Read more »

More Money Buys Brainpower?

eweber   February 22, 2009   1 Comment

It’s my simple belief that neuron pathways reboot the mind of every vibrant gathering, that reconfiguration wakes up brain cells, and that unless one taps more brainpower, a spinal cord alone will likely suffice for brains. Agree? Many folks spiral down as they look at problems through the wrong end… Read more »

Meta-messages – Lower Intelligence

eweber   February 21, 2009   16 Comments

Have you noticed  people who speak meta-messages that leave victims running for escape hatches? You begin to question flaws between their lines because what you hear is not what the speaker means. How does it happen? People who lack interpersonal  intelligence, tend to use meta-messages instead of honest communications, and… Read more »

Reflect Change with Smart Skills

eweber   February 16, 2009   27 Comments

To reflect is to change, even change that creates friction at times! Apply novel approaches and you encounter ruts inside the human brain. Have you seen it happen? Transformation, especially ethical renewal that adds dividends for all,  takes risk! To move stagnant mental eddies into rushing waterfalls requires novel approaches,… Read more »

Reflect Peace to Trump any Battle Plan

eweber   February 15, 2009   8 Comments

What tactics would you engage to solve conflicts, if war or violence was no longer an option? Perhaps a better way of asking is, “What marks of a peace plan could trump your next battle plan?” Consider those who act on deep seated beliefs, such as generosity, service and social… Read more »

Reflect for Brainier Online Results

eweber   February 12, 2009   21 Comments

If online success is your goal, you’ll want to toss talents into the ring in ways that win more for the entire virtual circle. People often start online groups only to find that a few people with weaker tone skills, set up polarities rather than engage opposing views with respect…. Read more »

Reflect Values Beyond Wall St. Prostitutes

eweber   February 8, 2009   5 Comments

Recent 20/20 reports how Wall Street leaders bought top prostitutes with your hard earned money. Well, they paid prostitutes millions monthly from corporate accounts and falsely called it contract payments, in order to deduct phony expenses from taxes.  You decide whose money paid for this deceit, or why NYPD turned… Read more »

Reflect – Then Bolt from Meetings!

eweber   February 7, 2009   9 Comments

Tom Hansen said it best in his cartoon video Why Meetings Suck! Check out this hilarious video and when you stop laughing you’ll likely see yourself also trapped in the meeting Hansen dramatizes. Hopefully you’re not the bloke who leads such gatherings. In either case,  brain based approaches offer results… Read more »

Reflect to Change your Mind

eweber   February 5, 2009   8 Comments

If you’re one to stomp feet or pound fists you’ll be glad to see that science shows a far more malleable brain for calm than once thought. The opposite of frustration is reflection that adds serenity for sharpshooting answers when you most need to get by. In fact, it turns… Read more »

Reflect on Life-Changing Brain Facts

eweber   February 4, 2009   6 Comments

If you knew more about the human brain, and it did nothing to improve your day, the discoveries would be rather useless. The opposite is also true when you choose to live beyond mental myths. Reflect on rarely considered facts about your brain, and these insights can inspire a brain… Read more »

Reflect – then Leap like Lauren

eweber   February 3, 2009   6 Comments

You’d be surprised at the most famous YouTube talent out there, as Lauren Luke fits few of the tips we see for talent or for stars. OK, I’ll agree that make up is not central to most of us. Yet Lauren may be onto something that we each hold in… Read more »

Reflect New Approach for Emergency Runways

eweber   February 2, 2009   9 Comments

Reflect widely and you prepare the brain for sudden landings and successful approaches at unexpected emergency runways. How so? According to Robert Lee Holtz, Wall Street Journal Science Columnist, Researchers found that sudden insights or Eureka moments show unique neural activity in EEG sensors. Interesting, ahha moments of sudden insights… Read more »