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Nurse Crisis Sinks Medical Care

eweber   March 30, 2009   11 Comments

Barak Obama’s youngest child suffered Meningitis and he raved about nursing care that restored her health. Now, just a few years later the entire nursing profession is dying fast and cries out for reconfiguration. A global crisis, nurses continue to drop out at alarming rates, and with good reason. While… Read more »

Move with More Intelligence

eweber   March 29, 2009   9 Comments

It’s no surprise that intelligences grow with use. Yet few people use their potential in any area. Take ethical development in the brain, for instance. Or imagine fitness or movement as a way to raise intelligence. Ever set out to pass your personal best in a day to see how… Read more »

Run From Financial Experts

eweber   March 28, 2009   9 Comments

It seems the brain blocks your own decision making intelligence, and tends to shut down when you hear an “expert’s” advice. Rather scary research, if you think of the financial gurus who make our decisions in the stock markers and banks. Check out Dr. Greg Berns’ fascinating finds about the… Read more »

Did You Know?

eweber   March 27, 2009   4 Comments

How do you you cope with change? Your brain comes with tools and equipment to manage and even profit from change. But do you? Here’s a fascinating snippet of changes swirling around you now, as well as those cascading far faster than you may realize. Did you know your brain… Read more »

New YouTube EDU or Brain Based Chats?

eweber   March 26, 2009   No Comments

Sat through meetings lately where one person only talks? If so, you’ll be interested to know why your brain bristles, spits and stalls. While many still lecture and demand rote responses in paper-pencil-tests, faculty who know research on retention, tend to facilitate brainpower from wider circles for broader solutions. Have… Read more »

From Toxic to Brainy Workplace

eweber   March 24, 2009   32 Comments

Less than 30% of corporate workers care less about their jobs and 20% want to undermine co-workers. There are answers, and they are not in creating more jobs at toxic workplaces.  As economic pressures increase, more and more people complain of lack of character building or ethical values in toxic… Read more »

Brain Surgery on Twitter

eweber   March 23, 2009   6 Comments

Medical students all over the world saw it and you can watch it here –  interactive brain surgery on Twitter. The surgeons, Dr. Steven Kalkanis and Kost Elisevich demonstrated how this media-medical marriage is the new social media way to communicate brain facts – without the medical jargon, and in… Read more »

Outsmart Guilt or Pay with Brainpower

eweber   March 21, 2009   4 Comments

Ever notice, the phone rings with new demands when you’re most vulnerable, just days after you let a family member down, and avoided a neighbor who’d been looking for friendship. The caller’s neither friend nor family but lets you know that everybody else in your club signed up to volunteer… Read more »

Engage Voices on Other Side?

eweber   March 18, 2009   14 Comments

Slavery works, cried dominant voices, while for centuries brilliant minority voices, with finer insights at times, could have led a richer way.  Had they been engaged, silenced voices could have broken chains that still bind most of us today. Did you know human brains build new neuron pathways with every… Read more »

10 Tone Tips to Live Like Einstein

eweber   March 17, 2009   13 Comments

Tone takes you deeper into any topic because it allows the other sides to emerge without persecuting people who express differences. Tone’s also the honesty you speak about hot spots, and the calm respect you show to those who disagree. But can good tone come in tough times? Or can… Read more »

Talker or Brain Based Mentor at University?

eweber   March 15, 2009   8 Comments

Some  university faculty add value to the learning process. Others clearly do not. That’s not new. But what separates good faculty from those who fail the learning process? New neuro-discoveries changed playing fields yet some faculty cling to sage-on-the-stage mentality. Poor faculty see their role to lecture and test for… Read more »

Politically Correct Democracy or Human Brains?

eweber   March 14, 2009   5 Comments

When Dave Taylor posted today, “to be unPC is “critical” to our “healthy democracy,” I wondered about the words PC (or politically correct) and healthy democracy. Consider these words less from common usage, but from a brain based perspective, and you’d likely redefine these two. By the way Dave, sincere… Read more »

Fear Epidemic Runs Economy

eweber   March 10, 2009   19 Comments

If you believe violent videos don’t create violent cultures, or constant terrorism talk doesn’t chill human brains, you’d likely also deny that fear creates frantic financial failures too. Fact is, it’s doing just that. In reality, financial experts increasingly warn us that fear can drain an economy, and it makes… Read more »

If Only Time Permitted

eweber   March 8, 2009   4 Comments

How do the busiest people we know, hold time more as asset for opportunity than ax for hacking shortcuts? Other busy leaders claim they’d love to rejuvenate broken systems, yet time runs out before they get to change initiatives. Have you seen time blamed as cause for chaos and confusion… Read more »

10 Tragic Traits in Mind of Bullies and Cynics

eweber   March 7, 2009   53 Comments

Only after you hit unethical walls raised by scorn from the cynic, do you value freedom flights toward its opposite – the curious mind. I’m speaking of that chronically negative person, who expresses disdain for innovative ideas, where stressed brains rely on habit and distrust reigns. For Russel Lynes, cynicism’s… Read more »

Choices for More or Less Brainpower

eweber   March 7, 2009   2 Comments

Top choices are rarely what you receive, sometimes what you least expect, and often what your brain uses to create neuron pathways to great success. How so?  Rarely do you find great choices from health care options, for instance, that mail that arrives fully poised to line drug company pockets… Read more »

Retention Lost in Lectures

eweber   March 5, 2009   20 Comments

Ever wonder why boredom strikes when people talk at you?  Wasting time at meetings or lectures? You’ll be interested in research from the National Training Laboratories in Bethel, Maine – and quoted in Geoff Petty’s Teaching Today shows that people retain far more when they when actively involved. Ask the… Read more »