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More Magic in Mirror Neurons

eweber   April 28, 2009   15 Comments

If you could look into your brain while it works – you’d likely live differently. You’d watch people you’d like to emulate more, and live more ethical tips from empathetic people with positive perspectives. Simply put – you’d capitalize on more magic from your mirror neurons! How so? Observe happy… Read more »

Rev Brainpower in Reverse

eweber   April 26, 2009   7 Comments

Surprisingly, human brains tend to outperform themselves in reverse, rather than in forward motion.  Comfortable  traditions or routines can cause your brain to default to ruts, that only reverse brainpower can surpass. How so?   Let’s say you wake up out of sorts – discouraged about a hectic schedule or a… Read more »

Brains Offer Olive Branch to Enemies

eweber   April 25, 2009   19 Comments

Have you every compared the differences between brains honed to disagree well, and those who generate cynicism when they differ. Contrast the difference between an olive branch offered to enemies, and a weapon poised for war? Cynicis criticized President Obama’s reach of peace to Chavez, while peacemakers saw an olive… Read more »

Call for Simplicity that Adds Intelligence

eweber   April 19, 2009   18 Comments

When entire systems such as finances, health care or higher education, break down, corrupt and confound intelligent people, it’s time to power up the brain and reboot ethical practices to simplify. How so? Let’s fact it – taxes today tax your brain! Beyond the clutter of financial policies, written to… Read more »

Marks of Brainpowered Workspaces

eweber   April 17, 2009   8 Comments

Ever shifted locations, and noticed new solutions to problems as a result?  Or have new ethical insights added zest to a project after a redesigned workspace? If so, you’ll be interested in research about buildings as mental stimulants for creativity and productivity. Have you seen it? It makes sense since… Read more »

Brainpower Beyond Sea of Cynicism

eweber   April 15, 2009   19 Comments

Queen Rania told NPR that the world cannot afford to be cynical. Do you agree? Listen here to the Queen’s conversation with NPR to encourage opposing views to learn from different perspectives. People often ask as one commenter questioned here How can a person survive cynics’ toxins at work, and… Read more »

Social Justice or Bolstered Brainpower?

eweber   April 13, 2009   4 Comments

Social justice often fails because one group of people alone rarely brings equal or ethical opportunities to another. Building stronger communities across differences inspires meaningful contributions from all. Yet some see current notions of social justice as flawed in that it presupposes that others are less mentally capable. You? 1…. Read more »

Why Brain Based Approaches?

eweber   April 10, 2009   12 Comments

Spot any gap where you live or work, regardless of how small, and you may well be staring into the eyeballs of your own destiny.  How so? Even though I taught university classes and facilitated top leaders around the world for many years, it still surprises me how few people… Read more »

Why Taxes Tax Your Brain

eweber   April 8, 2009   3 Comments

Well known savant, Daniel Tammet who easily recites 22,514 numbers in order, also reminds readers in Wide Sky,  that he struggled to do simple sums in math class. If that failure to fit math methods favored in school speaks to you, you likely find yourself among those of us who… Read more »

Wild Animal Brains Stoke Peace. Yours?

eweber   April 5, 2009   5 Comments

When I became a US citizen, the presiding federal judge facilitated humor, goodwill and patriotism to build a peaceful climate across global differences. The result? Newly minted citizens from war torn and healthy countries came together to celebrate common ground. Because of newly discovered plasticity, we know that human brains… Read more »

A Brain Based Dream

eweber   April 4, 2009   7 Comments

At a university debate on the brain’s role in education, the dean asked: Why bring the brain into learning, when higher education already has traditions and a proven history? How would you have responded? Looking back, I likely should have told about my own dream that leaders and learners can … Read more »

Beauty and the Brain

eweber   April 3, 2009   6 Comments

Would you agree that you came into this world with a sort of neurology of beauty? If so, how will your unique gene pool, and its beauty – further shape your day? Here are a few ways I see beauty and the brain for my day: Look for multiple intelligences… Read more »

Brainstorming’s Not for Naysayers!

eweber   April 1, 2009   9 Comments

Brainstorming’s for people who create – while cynics tend to taint its power to change, improve, or refresh practices in any workplaces. That’s from facts innate to the high-performing brain. Could dynamic mental discoveries inspire your next brainstorming session?  Expert facilitators ensure that during any brainstorming session – all offerings… Read more »