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Firefighter Promotions Case for Test Renewal

eweber   June 30, 2009   15 Comments

The New Haven Fire Department destroyed test results of white firefighters who scored higher than African Americans to allow promotions among black firefighters. This troublesome case, and research proofs that high stakes tests don’t work,  raises the question How can tests garner more intelligence-fair results? This serious case also opens… Read more »

Albany Blocks Brainpower while NY Burns

eweber   June 20, 2009   6 Comments

New York burns while Albany fiddles. News of political infighting, stalemates, accusations and posturing flood us daily, while opportunities for greatness fade for NY. A closer look, though, shows bureaucracy working against ethical brainpower. How so?  Neuro discoveries uncover organizational problems and possibilities. 1. Secondary schools and universities in crisis… Read more »

Tenure, Brainpower, and Pillars of …?

eweber   June 17, 2009   11 Comments

Some insist that tenure’s the way expert faculty ensure free speech without fear of losing jobs. Others protest that tenure keeps ineffective people and blocks brainpower for new initiatives. With more campuses being sued, and relevancy questioned it may be time to take another look and what learners expect and… Read more »

Reinvigorate Brain for Learning Dividends

eweber   June 14, 2009   6 Comments

Imagine reinvigorated secondary schools or universities, designed with each learner’s brain in mind. It’s time for the death of education to become the dawn of learning. Time for learning renewal to reinvent your entire community! If you see past broken systems, or catch a glimpse of talented people ahead, you’ve… Read more »

Lost Brainpower from One Way Only

eweber   June 13, 2009   5 Comments

Leaders who insist on a one-way-only-approach, squash critical brainpower for winning solutions. Have you seen it happen? Indicators that leaders fail to reach beyond personal opinion to engage opposing views pop up everywhere.  Sadly though, they are rarely recognized by some, as the root of bigger systemic problems. You’ll recognize… Read more »

A Brain’s Proclivity to Integrate

eweber   June 7, 2009   10 Comments

Expert Jerome Kagan says to value arts as fuel for the brain in ways that maths and sciences alone cannot generate balanced solutions. Former defense secretary, Robert McNamara says war is flawed by mere rationalism while the brain’s reflective powers, enable us to avoid errors of judgments. Former Federal Reserve… Read more »