Monthly Archives: July 2009

Snip your Amygdala Before you Snipe Back

eweber   July 29, 2009   29 Comments

Did you know that emotions survive after memories vanish? Or do you wonder what moods and behavior heads or hearts control? Yesterday,  on a walk in the woods with a gifted young leader, I once again saw his ethics, openness and willingness to become vulnerable in order to learn new… Read more »

Renewal Races Teens to the Top

eweber   July 25, 2009   1 Comment

Will President Obama’s $4 billion incentive for school reform help teens use more robust brainpower to reach their real potential? Not every teen will win the title world’s best brain as Julia Chartrove won at the International Brain Research Organization. Yet all can draw on more brainpower to reach higher… Read more »

Gentle Links to Human Brainpower

eweber   July 23, 2009   6 Comments

When Gandhi taught, In a gentle way you can shake the world, he highlighted tone missing today in communications across cultures. Do your tone skills show gentle as a strength to shake a world?  Scholar Kent Nerbum’s words, “Remember to be gentle with yourself and others,”  highlight  intelligences that cultivate… Read more »

Dream of Finer Sleep?

eweber   July 18, 2009   8 Comments

How’d you sleep last night? Reasons for sleeplessness may differ yet strategies for successful sleep often bear remarkable similarities. Before you hire a sleep specialist though, why not try tactics that calm the brain and come without side effects of medicine. You’ll likely sleep better and enhance REM if you:… Read more »

What Do Others Hear in Your Words?

eweber   July 13, 2009   9 Comments

You’ve likely seen it happen during this economic downturn. He brought her down without any awareness that he undermined her career. She dismissed his good ideas without realizing she excluded her colleague. Have you seen people damage good relationships, or stomp out mind-bending opportunities, and then appear surprised? Or have… Read more »

Serotonin Taps Build Brainpower

eweber   July 11, 2009   10 Comments

Few people refuse tangible offerings for higher brainpower, yet far fewer see themselves building brainpower through serotonin taps given. You? Check out common serotonin brain builders below and then add one or two to your circle in the coming week. Do stop back to tell us brainpower benefits you noticed…. Read more »

From Mistakes to Brainpower

eweber   July 8, 2009   6 Comments

Not surprisingly, people who achieve great feats, tend to recover from mistakes that lead  less successful people to give up. Why though, do some fear mistakes, and why do we criticize other’s mistakes? It may surprise you to realize that errors allow the brain to scoop up lessons from your… Read more »

Protect Turf or Ride the Surf

eweber   July 8, 2009   6 Comments

Broken systems all around us, offer unprecedented opportunities to learn and lead transformational innovations for a new era. Science shows how even a small band of like minded birds can create a revolution and sway the direction of an entire flock. Why then do some people cling to tiny places… Read more »

Power Up Brains for Consensus

eweber   July 2, 2009   8 Comments

Nothing’s more important for revolutionary change than ethical consensus building, yet your brain’s basal ganglia works against  collaboration.  Worse, it locks you into comfort zones. How so? Faced with innovation,  your amygdala poses threats against ongoing change and tempts leaders to settle for safe routines. It takes gifted facilitators to… Read more »