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Sizzler Questions to Innovative WBF09 Leaders

eweber   September 30, 2009   8 Comments

Here are 2-footed questions addressed to HSM, WBF09 and top global leaders: 1). How can brainpower extend genius opportunities beyond a few who boast power from money? 2). What can be done to open new spigots of innovation within closed corporations that stockpile most resources and guard traditional gates? 3)…. Read more »

Facilitate Innovative Brainpower!

eweber   September 29, 2009   15 Comments

Facilitators with brains in mind, blast open 10 entry points that inspire innovation: At meetings – facilitators add zip to roundtables because people speak and feel heard. Across professions – facilitators inspire shared language that leaves behind jargon to favor communication. In learning circles facilitators draw on multiple literacies to… Read more »

Ode to Innovation Brainpower!

eweber   September 29, 2009   12 Comments

Have you every thought of practicing to be a genius at anything? Several gurus in intelligence, claim that endurance and hard work get higher grades than raw intelligence scores from IQ tests. Do you agree?  Einstein claimed he was no more intelligent than others – but he stayed with problems… Read more »

Work with Rita Right-Brain?

eweber   September 27, 2009   3 Comments

Researchers at Queensland Brain Institute may have identified the molecule that links left and right brainpower, but Rita Right Brain’s the gal who uses it most at work. Professor Helen Cooper said her group’s research provided new clues regarding development of the corpus callosum, and yet Rita’s corpus callosum of… Read more »

Radical Reconfiguration for Money and Mind

eweber   September 18, 2009   10 Comments

Consumer confidence is at an all time low. Few disagree, that the way we do money separates community and caring from real riches of mindfulness together.  It doesn’t have to be that way. Do you agree?  The globe cries out for financial opportunities from people who engage multiple intelligences and… Read more »

Blokes and Babes Where You Work

eweber   September 16, 2009   8 Comments

Heaven or Havoc? Which of these characters work with or in you? Serotonin Sam: “Feelin’ good – hey guys you’re welcome to share, anytime.” Cortisol Carol “Touch my stuff and you die!” Plasticity Patty: “Glad to know I can still nail this new knack at any age.” Amygdala Arnie: “They… Read more »

MITA Brain Renewal for Leading and Learning

eweber   September 10, 2009   4 Comments

What makes MITA renewal so different from  multiple intelligence theory  and evidence based learning theory that make it up? Thanks to Dr. Robyn McMaster‘s masterful handiwork with cameras and talented online solutions, we’re able to carry on the MITA renewal conversation that we engage in many countries and among delightfully… Read more »

Mindful Leader Series 3 – Conaty Risks Renewal

eweber   September 9, 2009   No Comments

While some HR staff complain of too little respect at work, HR veteran, Bill Conaty  won the 2004 HR Executive of the Year for risks he took to promote talent and raise HR status at GM.  He reversed downturns into bubbles, more because of his vision for renewal possibilities, than… Read more »

Blogging Live 2009 World Business Forum

eweber   September 4, 2009   4 Comments

Join Brain Leaders and Learners on October 6 and 7 and become part of the live blog from Radio City Music Hall, New York City.  Ask 2-footed questions, and tell us what’s on your mind that links to speakers’ topics. Along with a hub of 30 invited bloggers I’ll share… Read more »

Courage to Climb on Sinking Ground

eweber   September 3, 2009   5 Comments

Daily you see snippets of courage from leaders you admire – through questions asked and stories shared. Courage to embrace mental confidence, and face danger bravely,  remains the last virtue on center stage after you sacrifice who you are now, to embrace who you can become. Have you seen it?… Read more »

Cutthroat or Kind Leaders – New Research

eweber   September 1, 2009   6 Comments

We’ve all observed caring and compassionate leaders who appear to escape cutthroat tactics that hardwire a cynic‘s brain. We also know that: negative connections in brains are easier to slip into and harder to remove, while – positive connections are harder to create and tend to leave faster. Why so?… Read more »