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Talent for New Revenue Streams

eweber   October 25, 2009   2 Comments

Wall Street claims that without big bonuses they’ll not attract big talents, or generate big profits. Do you agree? Wall Street broke banks by trading innovation for greed. The result? Wall Street leaders now fear loss of future talent with lower salaries, while gifted leaders optimize talent to open new… Read more »

Dayschool for the Unqualified

eweber   October 22, 2009   6 Comments

School prepared many of us for jobs that no longer exist, and now life prepares some of us for jobs we’ll invent. Feel unqualified for work you hope to do in the coming year?  No reason to fret if you consider your choices. Why not factor in  the art of… Read more »

Delight in Differences with Gifted Facilitators

eweber   October 18, 2009   7 Comments

Two days ago, while in Jamaica to speak about MITA brain based renewal, I spotted revival alive and well from a car radio. In a vehicle that transported Dr. Robyn McMaster and I to the University of West Indies, radio guests discussed broken systems in general, and Jamaican policies that… Read more »

Brainpower Response to Universities in Crisis

eweber   October 10, 2009   1 Comment

Consider current higher education communities in crisis, where one dean said, We pretend to teach them, they pretend to learn. Have you seen the disconnect between learning and leading change for the 21st Century? Yet normal brain activity is now observable to show how humans acquire and use knowledge. How… Read more »

Obama Leads Peace with Brain in Mind

eweber   October 9, 2009   9 Comments

Today President Obama won the Nobel Peace prize for worldwide efforts to communicate peace rather than launch wars against people who differ or disagree. When conflict strikes war and peace vie for solutions. Politicians rarely tame their amygdalas and so it’s no surprise that they frequently choose war to resolve… Read more »

Trust and Transparency Dialogue

eweber   October 7, 2009   3 Comments

Live at Radio City Hall today, Dennis Nally says trust is at the heart of key solutions we need to turn the current global crisis around.  Transparency is the lifeblood of investment. Backroom deals may have done us all in, but openness and renewal of trust can again lead us… Read more »

George Lucas on Creativity and Business

eweber   October 6, 2009   4 Comments

Live in Radio City Hall, this evening – George Lucas admitted he hates writing and hates business even more. Considering this maestro’s highly innovative mind, and lifetime successes, what does this statement say about teaching and learning approaches we cling to? fact is that most teens admit to being bored… Read more »

Jeffrey Sachs on Influence and Money Abuse

eweber   October 6, 2009   3 Comments

Blogging the goods live from Radio City Hall turned out to be a sobering task if you take Jeffrey Sachs seriously. And I do. He speaks right into the urgent calls for rigorous renewal here at the MITA International Brain Center! Wonder why so little of the money trickles down… Read more »

Bill Conaty Raises HR Image to Value Workers

eweber   October 6, 2009   Comments Off

Bill Conaty raises the level of HR at Radio City Hall today, and convinces other top leaders here to do the same. Is raising credibility of HR really the answer to unleashing human capital? What’s your take? I’d like to propose that human capital is more dependent on identifying, developing… Read more »

Rubenstein on Humility and the Economy

eweber   October 4, 2009   2 Comments

Each day offers a distinct choice to act humbly for peace, to or react by arrogant attempts to seize power in your race to the top. But what’s this humility David Rubenstein proposes for leaders? Without doubt, humility that is hardwired into minds, is the stuff that builds and sustains… Read more »

5 Innovative Leader Questions for 2011

eweber   October 4, 2009   3 Comments

Whenever I teach Executive MBA Leadership or Organizational Management courses, the brightest students ask why so few leaders facilitate innovation for a new era. Failure to inspire innovative minds, or clinging to leadership ruts that sunk our yesteryears can only keep universities in crisis, and do little to boost business…. Read more »

Bill Cala Wins Top ’09 Leader Award in NYC!

eweber   October 2, 2009   1 Comment

Dr. Bill Cala won special recognition  at the World Business Forum at Radio City Music Hall next week due to his selection for the “Crisis Called. Who Answered?” World Business Forum Contest” sponsored by Harvard Professor, Bill George, who keynotes at this Radio City Hall event for the second year… Read more »