Posts from ‘December, 2009’

Transform Workplace Tone

Transformation comes to circles where tone is valued and good tone ensures transformation. Sound like a winning duo for those who enjoy change and go for growth? When respect is evident and differences welcomed,  tone simply ensures that possibilities get more communicated than problems presented. Transformation hinges on rolling out different insights, from people whose […]

8 Intelligent Gifts at Christmas

It’s Christmas — a time for giving! It’s also recession – a time for surviving! Few would deny that when people give freely from the heart, everybody wins. And yet the very thought of Christmas  this year touches people’s hearts in a new way.  Because of lost jobs or growing  debts, even the most generous […]

Tone for Tonic or Toxins in Tough Times

It happens faster than you can wrap your head around replies, much less pause for peaceful solutions. Tonic or toxin? Poor tone shoots poison at others, and often wings back in the same form it was sent. Politicians, like Senator Bayh, quit Congress over tone toxins.  Have you seen it escalate lately? Like 8 ounces […]

Wonders and Woes of Waiting

After being told to avoid fatty foods and simply wait for stomach problems to heal, a close friend of mine failed to pursue vital tests for cancer, and died prematurely as a result. Have you seen a person linger only to meet peril in return? Another friend waited  rather than phone back  when her cousin […]

5 Innovative Keys Colleges Ignore

When colleges cultivate entrepreneur brainpower they reinstate American leaders into competitive global markets.  Yet  university faculty who continue to deliver facts for past eras,  in lock-step lectures,  tend to engage fewer gifted entrepreneurs.  New horizons continue to pound home the message — Innovate or Die! Yet who would’t agree with Rocco Tarasi’s conclusion that: No […]

5 Surefire Steps to Sluggish Profit

“I use less than 20 percent of my brain on the job,” a health care worker told me a few days ago. Another neighbor lost his ability to sleep, and speaks of constant frustrations at work. Are you hearing similar stories? Few people find fulfillment at work these day, while profits continue to plummet into […]

10 Secrets for Brain Bursts at High School

Canadian Alanna Mitchell, this year’s winner of the Atkinson Fellowship in public policy named brains as the secret to better schools. Not all agree. Mitchell recalled a Minister of Education who asked a neuroscientist: “The brain? What does the brain have to do with education?” In my renewal work across many countries I heard similar […]

Urgent Call to White House – Help Teens!

Government Funds Promote Failing Secondary Schools People say stimulus money simply creates new layers of bureaucracy that prolong broken secondary school programs. My question is: How will the White House Campaign to Promote Science and Math Education support teens to climb new mental  peaks?  Will successful schools proliferate through fast growing charters? President Obama’s recent […]

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