Posts from ‘January, 2010’

10 Moves to Mine Innovation at Meetings

Consider countless hours wasted on counterproductive meetings, where the upshot’s  little more than routine announcements. Not surprising that Seth Godin refuses to attend meetings since meetings work against the human brain.  How could you transform  your next meeting into a treasure trove of talent such as Paul Sloane suggests here for an  innovative takeaway? Human […]

Mugs that Limit or Enlighten Meetings

Who’d  guess that mere facial expressions at a meeting can limit or enhance everybody’s takeaway.  We saw it in action last night at the State of the Union Address, where some participants grimaced at most of the President’s speech, and refused to participate in anything but naysaying, and cynicism. See innovative meetings e-handbook here for […]

Does Your Business Need More MBAs?

Before you pony up $50,000 or more for an MBA degree, catch Stu Wall‘s discovery at Business Insider! It makes sense to check out what you can expect back for your investment. Recession begs us to rethink business schools, and to consider if the value of degrees have plummeted along with home prices and salaries. […]

Call Meetings that Brains Run to!

For years I attended toxic meetings where one guy yammered on and one  fellow worker turned off his hearing aids. It’s the only time I can remember wishing for Gordon’s hearing disability. That’s how bad these meetings were. People moved back and forth  from bored to bitching, while Gordon slept with his eyes open and […]

10 Reasons Critics Clobber a Brainy Bloke

A critic is a person who points out blunders, in such a way that simple mistakes look like launching pads for a global disaster – all fueled by your few faults. Critics in today’s toxic workplaces often compare fault finding skills to a unique and higher intelligence. In reality, cynicism requires less brainpower and spews […]

Inspire Me Today Invitation

Hello friends and colleagues! Please join me over at wonderfully motivating community led by Huffington Post writer, Gail Goodwin, on Monday, January 18th, 2010 at! On Monday, the 18th I’ll share invited insights from my experiences in an exclusive 500-word article – Act Like a Genius – on the best things learned in life […]

Renewed Democracy – Crown of Brainpower

How come  “Barak Obama” messages appear in my email box often, and yet no response comes back from the White house to my carefully crafted responses? Perhaps a more urgent question is – How big a gap separates your idea of  democracy and your lived experience? For most people the concept of democracy holds brainpower […]

Why Brain Renewal is Not for You

Over 30 years  in brain based renewal,  showed me several reasons why renewal cannot win in certain workplace conditions. I’ll admit that naivety in  younger years, prompted me to believe deteriorated settings could turn around in spite of barriers. Over time though, I observed some settings that simply cannot perk up  because organizational toxins contaminate […]

Innovative Marks of a Curious Brain

The other day Gail Goodwin and I tossed around brain insights here on WebTalk Radio and Gail’s curiosity inspired innovative insights from every angle. Current brain applications  flew back and forth as Gail’s unique brand of curiosity unfolded brainpower like magic spawns a sense of wonder. It’s not surprising that Gail’s known as an Ambassador […]

25 Ways to Reboot Brainpower & Add Innovation

If you’ve seen on this TED video how education had clobbered creativity – you’ll likely be ready to rewire for another go at innovation. And business too clobbers innovation daily in at least 10 areas, if you believe  Stefan Lindegaard at Business Week. Here are 25 words to reboot  brainpower and zap your innovative plans […]

Innovation, Design and the Human Brain

The human brain comes with unique equipment that links tone and talent development – to build and sustain innovative cultures across silos. It’s really about moving from STUCK to UNSTUCK!  (Can you identify with this video?) When mentoring leads to mind-guiding then design leads to profitability. How so? 1.  Kindle and design an idea. Just […]

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