Monthly Archives: February 2010

10 Tips to Golf with the Brain in Mind

eweber   February 21, 2010   5 Comments

Since golf’s a cerebral game, it makes sense to play with more brainpower in mind. It may surprise you that golf benefits you mentally, or that you can literally raise your golf IQ. How so? 1.Shoot for a higher target than you typically land. Need a birdie to remain under… Read more »

Questions Stir up or Step on Brainpower

eweber   February 20, 2010   3 Comments

Did Tiger Woods refuse questions yesterday for the same reason others run from poisonous darts? Fact is, questions alter brainpower up or down. Ask one question, and stir brain chemicals for innovation. Ask another and  short-circuit electrical wiring for mental blackouts. We rewire our collective brainpower through questions that stir… Read more »