Monthly Archives: March 2010

Brain Drain or Brain Gains?

eweber   March 28, 2010   No Comments

How would you describe realistic expectations for the coming week, based on last week’s capability to get more out of life? Let’s say life knocked you down. Perhaps you hit back in not-so-useful ways. How do you set your brain to win or lose after you blew it? Luckily, brainpower… Read more »

Genius Transparency to Lead Innovation

eweber   March 24, 2010   No Comments

Gridlock feeds ego and shuts out brainpower while transparency fosters innovation and increases trust. The more gridlock we see, the more open exchanges get lost. Have you seen bullies and cynics keep ego alive by banishing transparency through backdoor deals? Flawed leadership, whether called democracy or dictatorship generates  gridlocks that… Read more »

5 Brainpowered Freefall Stoppers

eweber   March 11, 2010   3 Comments

A panel of experts on NPR just warned us again that US organizations free fall daily, while developing countries advance emerging takeovers. All through squashing or boosting innovation and discovery. Have you seen it happen? Invention will reignite broken bureaucracies,  only if novelty  parachutes back into profitable interventions.  Only if… Read more »