Monthly Archives: September 2010

Mindful Transparency Promotes Skilled Leaders

eweber   September 25, 2010   2 Comments

Ever consider how the process of promoting  leaders can stunt or skyrocket organizational innovation? Until we promote leaders through mindful transparency, unskilled bosses will continue hold innovation hostage at the helm. Too many organizations remain locked in time warps,  while keen talents for innovative growth go ignored, and inept leaders… Read more »

From Poor Tone – to Brainpower for Innovation

eweber   September 22, 2010   8 Comments

Luckily we can overcome our brain’s default for ruts that foster poor tone as evidenced in many conflicts – to create instead – tone for an innovative world order forward. 1.       Affirm another person’s thoughts before sharing your views on the other side – to show that you really heard,… Read more »

Lead Questions for Innovative Brainpower

eweber   September 5, 2010   4 Comments

What if you were to ask one innovative question to a leader you encounter? Imagine the ground-breaking results for workplace solutions you pioneer. Yet experts remind us how innovation loses when senior management remains locked in the past – and innovative workers go unsupported. It doesn’t have to be that… Read more »

Communicate under Attack

eweber   September 1, 2010   7 Comments

How do you handle personal attacks? It could be anything from a boss ignoring your ideas, to a peer who respects you in public – only to destroy  you behind your back. Has it happened to you? It’s easier to teach brain-compatible tone skills to others, than to model them… Read more »