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A Brain on Celebration

The last place most people see a celebration is at work. In fact, polls suggest that 75% of employees feel disengaged, suffer from crippling stress or dislike their jobs. Have you ever wondered why folks would rather move grave yards, than take their talents into work? Or why university leadership classes tend to tank into drudgery?

10 “It’s Your Biz” Brainpower Tools

As I mined gems from It’s Your Biz, I found it easy to celebrate Susan Solovic’s goldmine of wisdom. No wonder it found a top place on New York Times Best-Seller List. Which idea here could ratchet up your talents today – to find similar ratings?

Scared or Smart?

Have you ever feared failure when you really needed to win? Just as you hit cutting edges of a brilliant opportunity fear can stalk genius – so we all lose.

Scared or Smart?

Terrified‘s a fitting response to salacious front-liners that favor greed and tout ethical lacks to cripple entire communities.

Question to Raise Curiosity

When you question with two feet the brain creates new neuron pathways toward answers from both right and left sides.

Here are two-footed questions that show how it work:

Why Most Meetings Suck

When Tom Hansen said most meetings suck, he hit on a rampant waste of human talent today. Given research that shows CEOs spend on-third of their working time in meetings, begs the question: How do you engage more talents at meetings? Consider that: Only 5% of what’s heard sticks. Tone determines who bullies or motivates. […]

DNA of Winning Perspectives

Walter Scott offered heads up on the brain’s propensity to propel or stalemate talents, when he said,

Success or failure is caused more by mental attitude than by mental capacity.

Your brain draws on accurate perspectives to win you success.

DNA of Winning Perspectives

In contrast, one distorted outlook can cloud current opportunities and barricade you from goals you desire.

The most typical winning perspective is optimism. Look at problems with solutions in mind, and your perspective works in your favor. No wonder innovative results tend to follow.

Views that drag you into ruts on the other hand, come from allowing past mistakes to cloud future opportunities. Ever allowed a persistent need to be right to block you from a relationship you once enjoyed.

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