Posts from ‘December, 2011’

What if 2015 Propelled Robust Peace?

What if we changed the brain’s wiring so that it no longer defaults back to war and violence. It means change in a dozen areas identified and challenges for change in this post.

Is Christmas a Soft Skill?

Over the past few decades, soft skills have skidded over cliffs, where they are less visible, and deemed cheaper than more-in- demanded hard skills.

What if Christmas is a soft skill, though? Would that diminish or cheapen its value?

Christmas stokes belief. It takes skill to see God as divinity, and humans as created.

A Serotonin Christmas

Thankfulness circles into serotonin well being and fuels the human brain for surprising outcomes. Today, for instance, I received an unexpected reminder of from Sue Dungey, a game-changing waitress I encountered at Brantford’s, Williams Fresh Cafe on Market St. How so?

Infighting to Innovation – with Mindguiding

Are you relying on people moving into new waters, wwithout oars to move? For instance, people in toxic workplaces may need help to interface with innovation.

Infighting results in shutdowns or shotguns that eliminate the innovation many value and still crave.

One newly introduced skill -mindguiding – draws from right and left brains to convert infights into inventions. How so?

A Case for New Hires?

Some say the old workplace is gone. Others say new opportunities may never emerge. I say that organizations invigorate new opportunities when they hire innovative workers. Is it time to look past stagnant employees to discover innovative IQ It’s not about hiring younger workers. It’s not even about favoring people with vast experience or leadership […]

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