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Can Money Fund Happiness?

eweber   February 26, 2012   3 Comments

Before you decide how money impacts happiness – consider the following questions.

Were people happier before the financial crisis?

How did Thoreau compare happiness and riches?

What riches tend to add more mental wealth?

Can online repair unhappiness from broken systems?

Could happiness help you to sidestep life’s inevitable financial struggles?

Novelty to Tackle Workplace Problems

eweber   February 21, 2012   6 Comments

We often think of everyday workplace problems as barriers to the very innovation initiatives people crave most and yet find least in their organizations.

Novelty to Tackle Workplace Problems

We take for granted that it’s common for people to complain at times when morale is low, or gripe alongside others when grumbling defines their basic workplace culture.

Pack Power into One Simple Step

eweber   February 19, 2012   7 Comments

Immediate plans to survive the night, eroded whenever I questioned bigger hurdles beyond my immediate reach. This was no time to plot how to stay in school, much less maintain any valued position on the 10th grade honor roll. As darkness rolled in around me, I opted for the one-day-at-a-time alternative – to survive one night’s terror.

Do you find yourself balking at insurmountable frustrations?

Trust Building or Juggling Gators?

eweber   February 17, 2012   7 Comments

Building Trust is a bit like juggling alligators. You feel a sense of letdown as you walk through a crowded hotel lobby at networking conferences. You nod heads with many but share high-stake breakthroughs with few. You exchange business cards with the fury of trusted experts, and then fade contacts onto back burners of doubt. You pause to make sense of fast-flying, highly technical advances – then lose touch through unmet promises. No wonder trust is so hard to find and so easy to lose.

5-Way Mita Test to Genius

eweber   February 4, 2012   12 Comments

Capitalize on the brain’s ability to change itself. Harness the neuroscience of celebration to move your workplace from last year’s challenges to solutions for a new era.

The Mita Way guides you to live and lead the change – a bit like riding and pushing a bus at the same time. Its 5 – way test enables you to address tired routines with the zest of a curious child, while it opens new door to genius in yourself and others.

Myths of Aging Brains and Wisdom

eweber   February 1, 2012   3 Comments

Elizabeth Gould’s dynamic discoveries in this area recently created an entirely new field of neurogenesis, a discipline that shows how the adult brain generates new cells. This means that if you act wisely on a day, you alter the very structure of your brain. For instance, choices today determine the levels of wisdom that will follow on the following day. The opposite is also true.