About Dr. Ellen Weber

Dr. Ellen Weber – recognized globally for brain-compatible communicating, learning and assessment renewal, lecturer, TV and radio guest, author of books by major publisher, chief academic officer with PBS renewal series, award winning blog and ranked highly influential on social media elite list in Rochester, NY.

Dr. Ellen Weber

Ellen developed and enhanced the MITA method through work with faculty and business leaders in the High Arctic, Ireland, Canada, Caribbean, U.S., UK, Chile and Mexico.

MITA’s  leadership approach facilitates brain based strategies to raise motivation and achievement for innovative growth. Leaders and learners use parts of the brain never before used, to achieve innovation never before achieved.

Site that illustrates the MITA Manifesto

MITA™ is a brain based approach to foster innovative leading and learning. Proven to bring higher motivation and achievement, MITA transforms daily practices into transformational tools for higher productivity. MITA clients include business and university leaders who see innovation as the way of the future, and is collaborated at all levels to model the power of collective brainpower for renewal.

Samples of Recent and Ongoing  MITA Renewal Work

PBS – MITA is selected as the core innovative model for renewed learning and leading K – University.

Science Direct – MITA Model to reconfigure university learning – with Dr. Margaret Denny

St. John Fisher University – Business Leadership – with Very Positive Feedback from all

Government leaders in Buffalo, New York

Secondary Faculty in several countries – MITA certified.

Rochester Chamber of Commerce – Quality Council – MITA won award for leadership excellence

Guardian Life staff and University leaders – Kingston Jamaica – selected premium keynote on renewal

Waterford Institute of Technology – (WIT) Ireland – University faculty and leaders MITA certified

Chile – SA – University faculty, leaders, government and business leaders MITA certified

Highlands – Senior Residence – Rochester, NY – The aging brain institute

Canadian University Faculty and Leaders– Toronto Canada – conference

World Business Forum 09 – radio City NYC – Selected MITA bloggers and award winning articles.

Chonqing – China – Senior Business Leaders and Faculty  – MITA ethics and leadership – MITA awards

Pittsford NY Business leaders in Pittsford, NY

Spensorport Business Leaders in Spensorport, NY

Fairport Business Leaders in Fairport, NY

Oakland University faculty and leaders – in Oakland, Michigan

Regional School Prof Dev and Chair – New Innovative Proj of Dr. Bill Cala – to Decentralize Poverty

Batavia Business Leaders in Batavia, NY

CEO Roundtable MITA session – for Larsen Engineers CEO, Ram Shrivastava Rochester, NY

Quinnipiac – Business Leaders and Faculty

Creativity Conference in Florida – invited keynote on MITA innovative change

Singapore Polytechnic  Institute – Invited speaker on MITA Brain Based change Approaches

Capitol Finance Magazine – Feature article invited to show Brain Based Business Problem Solving

HR Magazine – MITA Featured Prominently in Work Smart Feature article

Democrat and Chronicle Newspaper Featured the MITA Center’s work

Hamilton Spectator – Invited Feature on MITA Brain Based Approaches for leaders and learners

Westchester County Leader’s Conference – MITA Brain Based Renewal

Mercy Secondary School Faculty – MITA Certifications – Rochester, NY

University of Buffalo – Master Program – MITA applications in Secondary Science Teaching

Chautauqua  Institute – MITA Renewal Institute for Business leaders and Learners

East Strasburg – University faculty and leaders renewal

Monterrey Mexico  University, Business and Medical Renewal with MITA brain based approaches

St. John Fisher University– MITA Renewal Conference for Leaders

RIT – Rochester Inst of Tech –  MITA Invited to certify faculty and leaders for Brain Based Innovation

MITA Books on renewal approaches – translated into Chinese

Chapters Book Store – Ontario – Canada, Invited MITA Renewal talks and book signing

Barnes and Nobles – New York – Invited MITA Renewal talks and book signing

RBA – Rochester Business Alliance – Conference for leaders – won award for excellence

NPR Interview – MITA Renewal & several interviews on MITA innovation at respected internet sites.

Red Car Model by Laura Goodrich – MITA addressed brain based issues (by invitation) for the series

Calgary Keynote on MITA Assessment – for brain based renewal – Calgary AB – Canada

CBC – Interview on MITA renewal for leading and learning in coming era

PhD Committee member (because of MITA approach) for Leader of Entrepreneurial Innovation

Board Member for Non-profit Summer Camp to help needy youth.

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