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Hack Secondary Lectures with Brain Boosts for Focus and Fun

Find this article – Hack Secondary Lectures with Brain Boosts for Focus and Fun, over at EduTopia! If you’re like me, you’ve likely noticed secondary students focus faster and remember more when they tackle topics with more mental equipment than mere listening skills. Yet when pressures slip in from tests,… Read more »

Addressing Growing Concerns for Teens’ Mental Health

Never before have teens needed us more to spot safe places past their struggles, and to support their strengths. After a lifetime of working with teens and their families, it pains me to read reports of spiked suicides, along with a proliferation of chemicals and drugs used to try and… Read more »

What Happens If You Risk Change in Smug or “Content” Cultures?

You meet people daily who feel afraid to fix a broken anything because they fear they’ll end up alone, stuck and without support, in self-satisfied circles that see new ideas as mere buzz at best. Inner terror is only intensified by physiological challenges, such as your mental makeup. Do the… Read more »