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Valentine Day Blog Hop Questions

Happy Valentine Blog Hop 2015! It was 7th grade in a Nova Scotia country school and he was far too clever and cute for my gangly personality or clunky communication skills. So when Jeffrey shoved a small box into my hand – with the words, “Wanna be on my debate team, cause I think we […]

Ignite Essays for Black History Month

Teens and young adults love to learn the skills that allow them to disagree while building goodwill among those who differ.  Opposing view essays on sizzling issues work well to help us all celebrate Black History month! What will you do to help teens and young adults lead us into wider spaces that benefit all? […]

Personal Feelings into Brain Based Tools

As Valentine approaches – have you considered how personal feelings transform especially well into brilliant learning and leading tools? Use parts of the brain never before used to accomplish things never before accomplished! Too many teens and young adults feel alone and lonely in February’s dark days. It does not have to be that way […]

Debate Skills to Benefit from Differences

To debate well is far less to win all minds to your side, and far more to engage opposing sides to benefit all concerned. Skilled debate prevents gridlock.

Two-footed Questions for Whole Brain Culture

Suffer from a toxic or restrictive workplace? Ask two-footed questions to spark both sides of  brains to capitalize on hidden and unused talents!       Read how at Switch and Shift! 

Fall Harvest – as Bounty for the Mind

If you view fall’s harvest or September’s full moon as a festive wonder, you’ll also want to spot celebrations fit for storing sustenance to use in colder, darker seasons. Or do you? Perhaps while caught up in the delights of fall, you fail to think much about winter.  Even so, that does not stop winter’s […]

Tone Tools for Brainier Leaders (A Survey)

Tone tools create goodwill for skilled leaders – even in war zones. The body language of leaders’ communication, tone brings a smile of inclusion or adds a snub of rejection. It embodies the warmth of thanks, and also chills your peers with criticism.How so? Good tone articulates problems with solutions in mind, while poor tone […]

Find the CLEVER in Teens – The Fault in Our Stars

Teens have finally found a book THEY love! In fact they’re devouring The Fault in our Stars in droves! The clever part is that teachers love it too! No book on the market today is teaching teens what they want to know about empathy,friends, trust, belief, and humor – in quite the same way. Why […]

You Cannot Learn to Create if …

You cannot learn to create if you … 1. Say you can’t. The brain creates when you tell it to do something original.  Ford was right when he said: “If you say you can or you say you can’t you are right.” 2. Focus on perfect. A brain needs wiggle room to build stepping stones […]

Simple Questions Lead from Fear to Freedom

Fear feels like a natural response to facts brandished about without any ability to respond. If you ask a simple – What if … question though,  fear moves into freedom that innovative change-agents enjoy! A mental barrier to freedom, fear of failure’s understandable when you think about it. Salacious front-liners  about why you should fear […]

Best 50 Blogs in 2013 – with Thanks!

Honored to  rank  in the 50 Best Leadership Blogs of 2013. Thanks to the generous research by Dr. Jon Warner – we are supported, encouraged and blessed by this kind recognition. Many good friends  and colleagues here in this list, remind us daily to keep on creating and to join together in ways that  lead […]

Want More Novelty and a Caring Community?

What two-footed will you ask today to draw out new talent, build curiosity for the other side of a topic, or cultivate a caring community?

What’s Your Stress Free Zone?

How will your week find you in stress-free zones?

Change Filters – Insert New View

This article is not about how you create these filters, nor is not about how personal filters are impacted by your gene pool. Those facts discussed in the book Making Change Easy.

This post invites you to grow new filters that will improve your choices, by consciously looking at your day through another’s perspective.

Talent Growth through Mutual Mentoring

  Have you ever tossed hot new ideas back and forth – much like an enjoyable game of catch? It’s called mindguiding – a  unique form of mutual mentoring – that ignites seasoned experts and inspires novice explorers. Or have you watched both sides lose when experts deliver,  or when explorers  ignore proven possibilities? Most […]

Power of Moods and Choice!

What new neuro-discoveries could offer new awareness to your moods, so that others find spaces to grow around you when their chips are down? Identify that good mood chemical and electrical circuitry for your brain, and you also choose daily how to remap that for benefit to boot!

Guest Post – Changing Behaviors

Dr. Ellen Weber’s Guest is Dr. Donalee Markus – and the post is Filters of your Brain

Use Your Words

My Christmas rang with unforced rhythms of grace in the form of a simple strategy offered to my little grandson. It happened after a busy day of trains – when a one and the half year old took his tired voice to the table and his parents responded.

Why Most Meetings Suck

When Tom Hansen said most meetings suck, he hit on a rampant waste of human talent today. Given research that shows CEOs spend on-third of their working time in meetings, begs the question: How do you engage more talents at meetings? Consider that: Only 5% of what’s heard sticks. Tone determines who bullies or motivates. […]

15 Million Jobs for Innovation Era

Some say with relief that the old economy’s gone. Other’s say that new markets may never emerge. I say that leaders can invigorate wealth and open opportunities in at least 10 amazing areas. What do you say?

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