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Brainpowered Tools to Disagree

eweber   November 15, 2015   25 Comments

Conflict grows perilous for those who lack brainpowered tools, yet disagreement’s add linchpins of growth for those equipped with sharp mental tactics.  Watch warfare erupt in your circles and you’ll likely see 1 of 10 instigators: 1. Angry folks show few skills to tame their amygdala. 2. Stubborn people often… Read more »

Learning Teens, Tots, and Teachers Crave!

eweber   September 6, 2015   No Comments

What would it take to start the new term with a learning community that works with all brains on-board? Good news: For each learning benefit you crave, you possess brain parts that can act as tools to bring it about! In the poster below you can identify the brain parts… Read more »

Looking for Summer Learning Adventures?

eweber   June 10, 2015   2 Comments

Imagine a summer where you aced a sizzling new skill and came away with terrific takeaways – all from your own multiple intelligences. It can happen with a few adjustments – even in an ordinary day. Invite a teen to try it with you and add to the fun!  Start… Read more »

Let’s Learn From Black Leaders During Black History Month

eweber   January 19, 2015   No Comments

Poverty is still a huge problem for many, and yet we also still have opportunities to learn about doable solutions from black leaders. Teens and young adult care deeply about this problem – and they enjoy teaming with black leaders to navigate possibilities together that we may otherwise miss. Black… Read more »

Boost Teacher Brainpower Past Tests

eweber   March 26, 2014   No Comments

Let’s boost teacher brainpower, past tests and tribulations – so that students and schools can win on the other side of distracting disputes!  

#14 of 25 Writer Brain Boosters

eweber   June 5, 2013   No Comments

14. Engage Multiple Intelligences How will readers see your topics through language, self, others, visuals, music, movement, nature, science or math? A far wider range of intelligences is common to all readers, yet used by few writers. How will you hold the interest of readers who are strong in one… Read more »

#7 of 25 Writer Brain Boosters

eweber   May 29, 2013   No Comments

7. Hop to  New Beats – Music changes brain wave speeds in ways that impact writing and alter creativity. Music increases focus to write well. Select your best  musical background here. Different music adds different brain wave speeds for focused writing. Start with a favorite tunes but check out Psychologist… Read more »