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Let’s Learn From Black Leaders During Black History Month

Poverty is still a huge problem for many, and yet we also still have opportunities to learn about doable solutions from black leaders. Teens and young adult care deeply about this problem – and they enjoy teaming with black leaders to navigate possibilities together that we may otherwise miss. Black History Month seems like  a […]

2014 Holiday Blog Hop

Brainy Gifts to Friends for Free For teachers and teens who crave more mental zip, yet find themselves exhausted by holiday extras they can’t afford, the idea of fun free gifts is priceless. Rather than ride Grinch trains along tired tracks, students love to ring in holidays with lasting takeaways in bright packages.  Gifts they […]

Boost Teacher Brainpower Past Tests

Let’s boost teacher brainpower, past tests and tribulations – so that students and schools can win on the other side of distracting disputes!  

Do Feelings Hijack Your Relationships?

Even adult daughters and their mothers, or sons and fathers can grow their capacity to share inner emotions in safe settings. That’s the good news that comes with a brain’s plasticity (or ability to change itself).

Is your IQ Stuck in Neutral?

Intelligence could have been what Ford had in mind when he said: “If you say you can or say you can’t – it’s true.”   See your IQ as fluid or fixed and it will become just that.  Daily choices literally fuel or fail your unique multiple intelligences. How so? Choose to ramp up personal […]

Multiple Mental Lookouts

Have you seen our financial crisis through a different lens? Or do you dare to dream when others damn a thing? Can you see another side?  Do you look at war or peace from many angles? I ran into a government run outfit that sells guns and ammunition to US Troops. Sales go down when […]

Even a Fake Smile Boosts Moods

Laughter ~ 1. Can stoke Aha moments when needed most. 2. Lowers stress – even through a fake smile 3. Adds new zest for life! 4. Heals anxieties and reduces fears. 5. Boosts moods! 6. Adds alertness. 7. Improves health and resilience 8. Helps you to conquer grief or trauma  and to overcome loss.

#14 of 25 Writer Brain Boosters

14. Engage Multiple Intelligences How will readers see your topics through language, self, others, visuals, music, movement, nature, science or math? A far wider range of intelligences is common to all readers, yet used by few writers. How will you hold the interest of readers who are strong in one or more of the intelligences […]

#12 of 25 Writer Brain Boosters

12. Hang New Facts on Old Hooks Hook difficult facts onto one thing you know and more learning increases in less time. Readers  take away more when content they read about relates to their real-life experiences, or familiar observations. Your words can help readers to see connections, in ways their brain will increase their appreciation […]

#7 of 25 Writer Brain Boosters

7. Hop to  New Beats – Music changes brain wave speeds in ways that impact writing and alter creativity. Music increases focus to write well. Select your best  musical background here. Different music adds different brain wave speeds for focused writing. Start with a favorite tunes but check out Psychologist Don Campbell’s list to see how […]

#5 of 25 Writer Brain Boosters

5. Write to Fuse Arts and Science – The idea is  to engage both sides of the brain in order to increase innovation. Would you agree that most people tend to ask questions with predictable answers? Boring to boot! Involve readers in your questions and watch how it suddenly draws ordinary people into extraordinary actions. […]

#2 of 25 Writer Brain Boosters

2. Set your Stage – Were they listening to a boring lecture in uncomfortable chairs? Readers gain more from your writing when you engage their visual or spatial intelligence. See How will you add word pictures to what you write today?

# 1 of 25 Writer Brain Boosters

1. Perk-up Moods – Boredom, it turns out, is a habit formed in brains and reinforced by words that lack punch. Help readers choose improved moods as their reality, Sidestep boredom! Jump start your writing with a what-if-question, such as, What if you could use information in this essay to design an innovation that would […]

10 Tips on 10 Brainy Days (Tip 9)

Tip 9 – Draw strength from close friends.
How do your friends impact ethical choices?

10 Tips on 10 Brainy Days (Tip 5)

How will you disagree and also build goodwill at the same time?

10 Tips on 10 Brainy Days (Tip 4)

Discover a new song together! Mindguide to teach and learn from one another

Add Care to Character

What if the popular 20Q (game show) converted into steps for a new culture of character that includes caring?

Two-footed questions improve the odds for building good character in schools, colleges and workplaces, in several ways. The two feet simply add action to asking, and include reflections on both sides of the brain for solutions.

Questioners arrive at the best answers by doing whatever it takes to help people move from traditional limitations into possibilities for finer characters in a new era.

Rather than blame others for violence, and unethical practices, notice that all questions below involve questioners in finding character-building solutions:

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10 Free Gifts to Boost Holiday Brains

Simply start with newly discovered facts about the human brain, and you’ll soon ramp up fun and festivity for your holiday.

Open the personal gift of intrapersonal intelligence as your tool to tackle holiday challenges by giving and gaining far more. Offer presents like those below and find holiday miracles fit for a genius.


Common Sense Isn’t Common

Turns out that common sense is not so common after all. No panic though, since human gene pools come hardwired with a unique mix of inner and ethical smarts. Common sense can be taught, and engaged, and tracked as it grows. It can also spark the mind-bending climate most learners crave, and yet few circle find.

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