Did You Know?

eweber   March 27, 2009   4 Comments on Did You Know?

How do you you cope with change? Your brain comes with tools and equipment to manage and even profit from change. But do you?

Here’s a fascinating snippet of changes swirling around you now, as well as those cascading far faster than you may realize.

Did you know your brain comes with ability to change successfully and even to lead change?

Oh, and did I say that intimidation that comes with change fades when the brain engages creativity?

Few would deny, that this YouTube presentation looks a bit scary to people over 25, or to those who refuse to change. You? What smart skills do you use to lead change in your circles?

4 thoughts on “Did You Know?

  1. eweber Post author

    Thanks Suzanna, it’s the purpose at the MITA Center to make brain facts into doable actions that benefit a person’s life. So your message is deeply encouraging if we can help folks to understand and react well to change that improves:-)

  2. eweber Post author

    Mike I think many people, myself included, are also GLAD you’re alive at this time. The generation taking over leadership will have so many wonderful benefits and also a few challenges. So brains will be imperative to carry the planet into new revolutions!

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