One thought on “What’s Your Deeper Meaning?

  1. Gina Perfetto

    It’s difficult to narrow my deeper meaning down. It always come down to legacy. From my earliest memories, I always wondered what would be said about me LATER by others. More importantly, what would I think of my own decisions looking back upon my own life? Did I make my life count? The meaning of life changed for me too as I grew up – doesn’t it for all of us? It was a whole lot of “carpe diem” for a while, and still is. But in the background, humming in the static is…well what can we call it?
    “Do onto others as you would have them do onto you?”
    “Always do your best?”
    “Try to leave the world a little better than how you left it? ”
    ALL of that is true…and in the midst of that, there is the struggle of life, whether you deal with it gently, and perhaps come out of trials the better for it.
    I am posting a product that is very much WHO I AM… it encourages creative thinking, it scaffolds learners towards greater abilities, it is fun, and I hope will make them feel EXCITED as they write, and explore what they are capable of. But along the way, they will challenge themselves in search of a great story (and cover some common core standards!). Thank you for letting me share My Meaning!

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