Christmas Shop with the Brain in Mind

I’ll admit that whenever I enter stores where clerks rush dive-bomb me with guises such as greetings you expect only from best friends, I run. Ok, I’m gone for a few other reasons. Every time I hear how we’ve structured national and global systems to make people buy more, cajoling others to carry more debt for junk that helps some pitch more wares debris, I dart from the greed we’re branding.

That said, I love to shop at Christmas, with the brain in mind. You can set up twinkling lights, brightly colored bobbles, and apple-pie-aromas in July and I’m thrilled. The sooner the wonder, the better the Christmas joy for me.  You?

It adds serotonin when I stroll through favorite shops with a special person’s delight in mind, and a 2-footed question in toe. What would they laugh over most? How could a unique gift bring out their own distinctives? What would they enjoy and savor as a small symbol of their special place in my life? What one item would tap them on the back, with the encouragement they may need to journey to the next place in their life?

Just the thought of blessing people I care for at Christmas,  with a gift they need or a treasure they’d enjoy, makes my day grand.  Have you had the same magical experience at Christmas?

I still run from people who pressure me to buy stuff I neither need nor want. And I run from the cortisol that fills my brain from buying with credit what I cannot afford with cash.

That’s basically why I like to shop at Christmas with the brain in mind. What’s your best moment of Christmas shopping?

2 thoughts on “Christmas Shop with the Brain in Mind

  1. Robert Hruzek

    We love to Christmas shop when we don’t need to buy anything. It gives us a certain freedom to imagine this or that, without worrying whether or not we really need it – or can afford it. Besides, it lets us engage in our favorite pastime: people watching!

    I’m tellin’ ya; I’ll never understand people – but I love to watch ’em!

  2. eweber Post author

    What a cool new thought to shop with the brain in mind – and not get caught in the traps we can at times create, Robert. Love the unique way you think!

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