Activate your Brain’s Kindness Kit for Fun and Inspiration

What will you do for KINDNESS and FUN this week? How might you spawn an interactive KINDNESS today? Will your week look more like the pig or the dog in this video?

I started a KINDNESS project with my grandchildren and an interactive brain based KINDNESS curriculum emerged with dozens of challenges, activities and adventures! Have you experienced the magic of KINDNESS that rewards you when you give it away – just as when you are given its care?

Did you know that your brain comes equipped for kind acts, and you can prime your kindness kit in ways that ignite projects and challenges that change your life?

The very act of kindness alters your mental chemistry in delightful ways that also help you build on wonder and hope!

Have teens create a kindness board with you to include challenges they’d like others to see in them!

Pass around a KINDNESS card IN your circle as a talking stick and have participants of any age share a kind deed they did or received.

Kindness is both an art and a science and its rigor offers mindfulness to those who participate in kind activities.

Together we can ride the magic carpet of kindness and discover its gifts of mindfulness so that we transform a special day or week into fun, brain based adventures.

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