Are you Aware?

Unless you’re aware of exact expectations at work, you’re likely heading for failure. In funding, hidden expectations can block out top innovations, and disappoint inventors. All through lack of awareness.

Are you aware?

People crave leaders who grow aware of their concerns. In contests, concentration on one focus area only, often blinds judges from selecting winners strong in another key area.

One gender may prevent brilliant possibilities that could be generated by the other. One field of experts often come to projects blinded to talents another field offers.

This video shows you the mental power in awareness. It also builds a case for stating clear expectations, drawing more from differences, and designing criteria that accommodate a wider range of intelligences.

Are you alert to what could land sustainable success from your talents today?  Take this awareness test to predict how your brainpower fares.

Imagine a new awareness that taps into more brainpowered tools for innovation.  Can you see a finer future on the other side of bickering and recession. Could it happen in your workplace?


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  3. Ranen Carmel says:

    another amazing awareness test:

    thanks for the post, Ellen

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