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Thanks to our favorite game-changer, Lisa Haneberg, to  ASTD publishers, and to Lisa’s memorable line-up of mind-bending ideas from 37  leaders who rock  innovation. The management book of the year is out!

Thanks to ASTD & New Century Leaders

You’ll recognize many leader-authors below, and do take time to get to know the others.

Expect revolutionary ideas from  emerging trends in management.  Uncover new discoveries  just  catching their stride.

Find brain based leadership tools in my chapter – where I introduced a workplace climate that will outfox traditional tone problems at work.

Thanks Lisa, for the way you push against edges,  delve into leadership depths, and harness the best leader tactics in this ASTD vanguard.

Check out the Table of Contents Below.

The Management Development Handbook

Table of Contents

Introduction – Into the Future We Go: Lisa Haneberg

Foreword: Betsy Myers

Section1: Fundamental Ideas for Managers

Complexity and Perseverance: Margaret Wheatley, Ed.D.

The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working: Tony Schwartz

Irreverence as a Managerial Tool: What managers can learn from Tina Fey, Martin Luther, and Bob Dylan: Michael Kroth, Ph.D.

Five Universal Themes in Business: Todd Sattersten

Positively Using Your Power: Sharlyn Lauby

New Evidence of Servant Leadership’s Efficacy as a Managerial Approach: Bret Simmons, Ph.D.

The Manager’s Role in Creating a Learning Culture: Kevin Eikenberry

Building Your Craft: 10 Important Perspectives for Effective Managers: Randy Boek

Managing Scenario Projects: Thomas Chermack

Women and Power: Jeffrey Pfeffer, Ph.D

Brainpowered Tone Tools to Manage Excellence: Ellen Weber, Ph.D

Section2:  Managers as Culture Builders

Who Says There’s No Crying In Leadership?: Terry (Starbucker) St. Marie

The LKP Field Guide – An Inspiring Model for Communicating Expectations: The LPK Design Team (via Anne Stone)

Rethinking Your Organization as a Community: The Open Source Way: Chris Grams

From Quality to Excellence – Essential Strategies for Building a Quality Oriented Culture: Tanmay Vora

Welcome to the Challenges & Joys of Moving to an Economy Where Access Triumphs Ownership: Lisa Gansky

Should Managers Care about Employee Happiness?: Michael Stallard

The Manager as Extreme Leader: Steve Farber and Steve Dealph

Winning with a Culture of Recognition: Derek Irvine and Eric Mosley

Section3: The Goal – Teams Who Do Their Best Work Together

Creating a Sharing Society: Raj Setty

Are SMART Goals Dumb?: Mark Murphy

How Team-Building Really Works: Steve Roesler

Get Rid of the Dotted Lines: Accountability and Authority in Managerial Relationships: Tom Foster

Performance Management at Ground Level: Wally Bock

The Improvisation Edge: Secrets to Building Trust and Radical Collaboration at Work: Karen Hough

Engaging Management: Put an End to Employee Engagement: David Zinger

Creating Winning Teams: Vikram Bector

Co-Create: Project Excellence for Teams: Steve Martin

You’re Not the Boss of Me: Jodee Bock

Make Talent Your Business: Wendy Axelrod, Jeannie Coyle

Section 4: Management is a Social Act

Unmanaging the Network: David Weinberger, Ph.D.

How to Fascinate: Sally Hogshead

ValYouCasting: The New Workforce Social Competencies: Terrence Wing

Using Social Media to Create Systems of Engagement: CV Harquail

How to Run a Great Web Meeting: Wayne Turmel

Convening: The Ultimate Management App: Patricia Neal, Craig Neal

The multi cultural and multi generational workplace – what are the future challenges to leaders: Alfredo Castro


  1. Alex Dail says:

    The topics look fresh in how they are being handled. It looks to be an informative read. some day would love to see a book on how employees can influence (lead) bosses to better practices in leadership. It seems that people at the grassroots level get the concepts first and easiest, while those in senior positions still prefer to lead with an isolated perspective.

  2. eweber says:

    Wow – you are so right Alex! Thanks for weighing in! You make a great case here for the brainpowered tools I tossed into the ASTD book and others too offered keen leader tools from flattened hierarchies.

    One tactic, for instance is a practice of mutual mentoring – called mindguiding – where senior execs and young upstarts teach and learn from one another. The brain is plastic and can change itself daily – based on what changes one actually applies. Senior leaders – who change it up based on what they learn from novices – become a great asset to the innovative process. In contrast stuck leaders that you refer to here clog and break entire systems.

    What’s your best leadership practice to avoid the problem you raised here? Best, Ellen

  3. We are here for your brain success.

  4. eweber says:

    Thanks James for the keen work you do, especially for helping folks who otherwise fall through the slats. Bravo — we need more leaders like you! Ellen

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  9. This was a very informative post, please keep sharing insights from ASTD!

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