Stress Tanks Learners and Leaders

Stress sometimes seems like the new normal to people who face its fury on a daily basis.   Increasingly, anxious secondary and university students  compete for grades that  appear unfairly assigned.  At secondary peer pressure forces students to compete in unfair races for lifeline scholarships. At college, massive student loans force them to race for ill-fitted jobs that disappear like snow on a warm spring afternoon. And it’s not just celebrities who face an onslaught of tension’s wrath. In fact it’s been said depression exists in most classes.

Faculty too struggle against killer tone toxins in broken systems that  hurl deadly strikes  when least expected. Demands increase while securities and safety nets tend to fall away with political strife and a shrinking public purse.

It doesn’t have to be that way. So what then can be done within upper classes to help balance brain chemicals for more hope and less despair in teens and young adults?

It’s no surprise that gloom is highly contagious.  But have you considered strategies to facilitate the power of moods and choice?

Stress Tanks Leaners and Leaders

Stress kills

Innovative opportunities spiral into lost prospects, as seen recently in Robin William’s suicide.

Increased  sickness spikes at  alarming numbers, for those who lack serotonin strategies that win against stress attacks.

Harvard researchers show  stress as gaining ground for increasing numbers of individuals and organizations.

With depression come deadly barbs:

Health and relationships suffer most from stress. For some who looked to home as a haven to unwind – stress holds an especially harmful grip.   Research shows that a partner’s toxic personality drags deadly challenges into your health. Stressors that can even stunt recovery after illness. 

Your ability to spot good plummets with the cortisol chemicals’ effects from stress. While you’ll be typically hit with about 22 stressors on any ordinary day, it takes an awareness of stress to use serotonin strategies for well being in response to daily stress strikes.

Sleep problems increase for those who fail to  run from stress – just as you’d dash away from any serial killer. It often starts with an inability to remain  calm under pressure. Reasons for sleeplessness differ, yet stressed people report remarkable similarities to sleepless nights.

Since stress has recently been proven to lock its prey into its rigid ruts just this side of adventure, it’s well worth deliberately stepping out to reach another side.

One sure way to exchange stress for mental muscles includes brain based tools to learn and assess at secondary and higher education. To replace the lecture or delivery-style meeting methods is to begin with tools to help others innovate and move forward mentally.

You’ll also enjoy this recent study to show how the brain builds natural chemicals for well being in a powerful placebo effect.

10 Brainpowered Pathways Away from Stress:

  1. Laugh – yes, especially when the chips are down,  and you’ll build neuron pathways in directions away from stress.
  2. Golf as a way to relax in nature’s best– even as you capitalize on improving your swing with each new shot.
  3. Embrace a novel adventure, a playful distraction to rejuvenate your brain from ruts that imprison you in stress.
  4. Risk replacing one idol that holds you back – with an innovative alternative that could sprint you forward.
  5. Encourage another brainy bloke, rather than find flaws or name faults as stressed-out critics tend to nitpick.
  6. Recognize and flee from 10 tragic toxins in minds of bullies and cynics.
  7. Ask two-footed questions that shut off stressor spigots, and open your day into what if … possibilities.
  8. Act on even just one life-changing brainpowered dream. Then inspire others by using the tone to create across differences.
  9. Check out the wonders and woes of change – then flee from any fear that stunts new growth.
  10. Rewire your brain to act courageously by choosing ethics – even when good seems to lose against the odds.

How do you and those you enable, stack up against stress that shrinks the brain, fosters unforgiveness, can lead to dementia, and robs growth opportunities?