The Brain on Capitalism

Through reinvigorated people, passion and purpose at its hub, capitalism stokes mental capacity for gains lost over past decades. Let’s narrow gaps between what we believe about entrepreneurship and what we do to enhance free enterprise in winning ways.

The brain on capitalism

Why do we tout capitalism as opportunity, then roll it out as mental  toxins, and greed run amuck?

Marketed as entrepreneurship- capitalism can sacrifice talented people to egos who promote policies that force many out.  

Umair Haque, in The New Capitalist Manifesto, said it this way: twenty-first century organization don’t produce goods, they produce betters. Ellen Maiksins Wood calls for a new kind of lived democracy  – which reflects more of its Greek meaning, the people.

Do you see capitalism as rolled out into materialism or class politics?  Both Haque and Wood challenge current systems that lead to unchallengeable structures.  Both show a flawed capitalism that destroys the very people it depends on for its profits. You?

Both Haque and Wood offer alternative  forms of prosperity and legitimacy that  build community to enhance talents.  Imagine capitalism that adds mental well being, for higher collective IQ.  Capitalism that achieves  positive, tangible outcomes would  invigorate people to rebuild passion and purpose.

It appears in Haque’s manifesto that all actions remain driven by competition and profit maximization.  But have you ever seen raw competition drive talented players out of the game?

Capitalism where People Win

Organizations build goodwill for genuine growth through tone tools that open new opportunities. Life-changing dividends  prosper people in healthy rivalry,  just as skilled tone draws talents from everyday moments. The ebb and flow of winning capitalism parallels a moon attracting tides on an ocean shore.

Networks such as crowdsourcing bring people and technology together into innovative solutions.  Across broken silos – capitalism can combine mental hormones for competition and consensus. When you engage others through brainpower tools you crack open windows in ways that prosper all. Do you reboot capitalism for effective change in individuals and organizations?

Capitalism refreshes itself by appreciating new ideas rather than criticizing lost opportunities. A gesture of genuine thankfulness extends its magic by unleashing serotonin into winning talents, for instance. Wherever serotonin’s molecule for well being thrives, people find cause to celebrate the wonder of team successes.  A neuroscience of celebration can move people from current challenges to solutions for a new kind of capitalism. Have you seen it?

Capitalism as Heart of Passion

Build consensus across ages and cultures and watch passion arise for new wisdom out of every corner. Get to know people who differ from you by emulating their diverse offerings through respect. Connect more with people unlike yourself to capitalize on passion from valued differences.

Ask more than you tell or deliver facts, and capitalism listens before it acts on hot issues. I’ve discovered from MBA leadership courses I teach – that when people move beyond lecturies,  they begin to build passion for answers together.

Would you agree that passion enhances capitalism when people act on collective answers from 2-footed questions? No question, this shift into genuinely free enterprize takes a new kind of energy!

Capitalism Fueled by Shared Purpose

Capitalism adds feet to winning beliefs when ethics guide its incentives. Have you noticed how people change even deeply held assumptions, when finer ethics color their rainbow?

An altruistic purpose allows capitalism to weigh differences so that people forgive faster and let go often.

It’s easier to sidestep cynics or bullies, when you build competitive solutions to stubborn problems with shared purpose at the helm.

Opposite conflicts,  lie  peaceful solutions, when capitalists draw meaning from multiple talents.

Remap Brainpower for Capital’s Default

Capitalism relies on leadership from high-performance-minds. Build people, purpose and passion with innovators, for instance,  and you’ll likely sidestep traps that snare hebbian thinkers. Step out of comfort zones and capitalism enables you to embrace unexpected answers that lead to brilliant improvements.

Innovators remap mental capital by taking advantage new technologies that exercise the brain’s working memory for competitive edges.

Here at the Mita International Brain Center, we use smart skills to remap whole communities to compete, win and grow together.

Capital that Maximizes Wins

Would you agree that competition against self can  power-up brains for capital-building together? Free enterprize at its best, harnesses rivalry and differences into wins

What’s your take – Is capitalism a barb or a boost to brainpower where you work?

Perhaps more importantly, How can we achieve more sustainable wins together?

For further brainpower tools to consider:

Ground-breaking leaders differ from dissentors who maintain rigid rules and regulations that fit few. Neuro discoveries suggest distinct traits that spark capitalism by aligning leadership to people, passion and purpose.

Further resources:

See Dr. Norman Doidge’s book – The Brain that Changes Itself, to move capitalism past human hurdles that shut down brilliance for many.

Further opportunities to promote free enterprise for all:

  1. Laugh – yes, especially when the chips are down.
  2. Golf as a way to relax and capitalize on improving your shot.
  3. Embrace a novel adventure  to rejuvenate your brain from ruts.
  4. Risk replacing one idol that holds you back – with an innovation.
  5. Encourage another brainy bloke, rather than find flaws or nitpick.
  6. Recognize and flee from toxins of bullies and cynics.
  7. Ask two-footed questions that open what if … possibilities.
  8. Act on even just one life-changing brainpowered dream.
  9. Check out the wonders and woes of change.
  10. Rewire your brain to act courageously by choosing ethics.

How will you stack up against life-changing capitalists for 2012?


  1. Greg Dickson says:

    I’ve been working on a concept I call Constructive Compassionate Communities. Where there is an increased level of transparency, shared vision and a mutual commitment – to the overall good of the community. First, we need to shift to seeing the community as a living organism. Taking a page from a few Christian communities I’ve witnessed who build from a foundation called a “triad”, a tiny group, three people, working towards a common purpose. I wonder what might happen if we were able to embrace a new level of compassion. One focused on constructive, compasionate actions in support of one another?

  2. eweber says:

    Wow Greg, I am intrigued by the notion of, “Constructive Compassionate Communities.”

    Yes, to increased transparencey, and to the mutual good of the group! How could this go wrong? And it would begin to create a space to practice the kind of exchanges that lead to growth and innovation for the whole! Oh – how refreshing!

    What is your next step to getting the group off the ground and what is your common or shared purpose? Interesting! Ellen

  3. Greg Dickson says:

    Great questions Ellen, I have a working Triad with two other partners, now friends and our common goal/shared purpose is humanitarian project(s). I can’t speak publicly about the projects yet, should know more in a few weeks. Once we begin operations, we will infuse the “constructive compassionate community” structure into it from the start. It is far easier to start a new enterprise with the CCC as part of the DNA than attempting to insert it into an existing organization IMO.

    The foundation of the concept is we shift from me -> us (as a living organism & community) versus me -> we (teamwork paradigm). We start from a context of oneness, the assumption is oneness/unity … is how we always were and always will be. So every decision and subsequent action has as its Genesis, oneness – it represents a shift from a fixation with “content” (results) to walking in a conscious “context” of compassion (awareness).

    Those are the broad strokes….

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