Create a Climate for High Impact Minds

Any organization that capitalizes on the brain at work also tends to create a climate for high performance minds. Increasingly science is shedding light on how we create settings that work either for or against human brains. Workplaces that foster mind-bending performances also tend to:

Look for differences as a place to launch growth.

Paul Jones points out a few ways high impact entrepreneurs can be disadvantaged,  if treated like small business owners. While both take risks, he suggests, entrepreneurs differ vastly in how they start, grow, and manage their work.

Do you agree?

My question is, How can we encourage and capitalize on differences more at work?

Build relevancy through fostering practical applications.

It starts in secondary schools, where learners  find meaning and develop meaningful applications for what they learn.

Yet, increasingly teens find high schools sadly irrelevant to life beyond their classes. The result?  Alarming new research shows youth  dropping out in record numbers.

What would you add to your work and learning circles in order to create a better climate for high performance minds?

18 thoughts on “Create a Climate for High Impact Minds

  1. Mike Wagner

    I love this question: What would you add to your work and learning circles in order to create a better climate for high performance minds?

    I will be asking it of my clients…over and over again.

    Keep creating…a place to create,

  2. eweber Post author

    Wow – thanks for your kind and encouraging words, Mike. It takes a high performance mind to engage clients in the same — so you’ll open amazing doors! Do come back and tell us the wonders on the other side — Ok?

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  16. Zemalf

    Encourage and push for creativity and free-minded activities. The high permorming minds need the freedom, with just the right amount of control. Let’em dive into what they love and you’ll see some amazing things.

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