10 Things Possibility Thinkers Do Differently

You’d have to have the brain of a coconut husk to run from or deliberately block life-changing wonders in your day. Yet how many of us make proactive choices  to look beyond problems and spot possibility life-savers on a difficult day?

If you’ve wondered what possibility thinkers do differently, then you’ll identify with the following 10 prospects that change ordinary days into extraordinary opportunities.  possibility thinkers

Turns out our brains stockpile mega-pharmaceutical supports – that flood our day with serotonin to support possibilities or cortisol to fixate us on problems!

You guessed it – your daily choices fling open delightful or dangerous floodgates. Serotonin cascades into wonder – while cortisol imprisons us in its woeful traps!

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8. possibility

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I saw these traits dance into life through Amy Borrell and the entire TpT team at  TeachersPayTeachers yesterday when they met technology problems that interrupted their podcast – with possibilities that left us all proud to be part of their community!

Where have you spotted these brain based tools lately?

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