Change Filters – Insert New View

Why change your furnace filter but ignore dusty mental filters?

Just as new filters remove debris in appliances, freshly inserted filters open new mind views. Research shows how we filter reality through a very real inner view. Your inner voice filters leave you brainy or bankrupt.

That’s why respected innovative leaders:

See time through a supervisor’s eyes, to pace more productively.

Change your time management filter!

See moods though a peers’ eyes, to shift attitudes into upbeat.

See money through an investor’s eyes, to spend wisely.

See health through a fitness guru’s eyes, to eat less and move more.

See relationships through a partner’s eyes, to give rather than expect.

See ethics through a respected leader’s eyes, to make winning choices.

See Moods as Peers See

See a talk through a speaker’s eyes, to transform content into real solutions.

We begin each day with mental filters that allow in some things, and block out others.

This article is not about how you create these filters, nor is not about how personal filters are impacted by your gene pool. Those facts discussed in the book Making Change Easy.

This post invites you to insert new filters.  Shift views to improve your choices, for instance.

Enjoy refreshing new outcomes, as you  consciously look at any part of your day through another’s perspective.

Oh, by the way – do let us know how that new filter changed any actions that followed, and do share your winning results.


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  2. Greg Dickson says:

    A few days ago I chose to refrain from judgement, my best filter so far.

  3. eweber says:

    Thanks Greg, you speak for many of us here when you raise the issue of judgements. Yikes! It is so easy to make the wrong assumptions when we look through our own perspective — I am so guilty of doing this!

    How refreshing when I remember to step back and see the situation from the other’s position.

    I continually am amazed when I act with other’s interests in mind. What a world it could be — and thanks Greg for that hot reminder as we start another day.

  4. Greg Dickson says:

    The brain is a tool, a powerful tool that we too often take for granted. Nurturing and caring for our “mind” is counterintuitive due of the veil of un-consciousness. We get on stuck on auto-pilot and suddenly find ourselves landing hard or worse.

    I am not the content of my thoughts, I am learning to focus not on the content of life, I am learning that understanding “context” shifts my perspective and when I make that change I move away from the sh*t and make a much needed “shift”.

    Developing and perceiving “context” is like the focusing ring on a camera, it requires my conscious choice to use it to pull into “focus” that which I am looking at – looking is not “seeing”. As the eyes are the portal through which passes the imagery of life, my brain actually does the interpreting and the actual “seeing”.

    May our desire to see our truth surpass our propensity to fall unconscious.


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