How will Today Make you Smarter?

How Are You Smart and How Will You Increase Tomorrow’s IQ?


Interpersonal Intelligence Includes:

invite person from another culture to lunch, listen – try ideas heard, give away something, value – learn from others


Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence Includes:

lawn bowl, walk, exercise, stretch, dance, golf, play tennis, run, learn a new sport, beat your personal best, swim, build, type


Intrapersonal Intelligence Includes:

Ponder personal wisdom, log insights from your talent, pose a question to guide your discovery today, meditate, laugh, risk.


Logical-Mathematical Intelligence Includes:

organize your week on a calendar, show the logic of ideas, calculate, describe ideas in numbers, research stats-numbers.


Naturalistic Intelligence Includes:

grow plants, teach nature, categorize trees, bird watch, care for plant, appreciate nature.


Spatial Intelligence Includes:

draw, paint, learn art, graph ideas, illustrate plans, design, play with colors, tour museum, discover art.


Verbal-Linguistic Intelligence Includes:

scrabble, Sudoku, crosswords, word games, letter to editor, debate, tutor reading, write poetry, fiction or non-fiction.

Musical Intelligence Includes:

sing, compose, listen, create to music, compare effects of background music, appreciate a new genre, read music.


  1. Wally Bock says:

    Nice list. It’s always seemed to me that there was a “booster” effect if you worked on more than one intelligence. Is there any research that working one intelligence helps you with others as well? We can exempt the music makes you smarter stuff.

    Wally Bocks last blog post..Book Review: How We Lead Matters

  2. eweber says:

    Great question Wally. Yes, there is a growing body of research that shows how one stays fit by using different parts of the human brain. Intelligences are lodged in various areas, and operate out of different domains. It’s strongly believed that people who use more domains will be less likely to have their brains shut down in elderly years. Hey, that works for me Wally:-) You?

  3. Wally Bock says:

    Thanks, Ellen. I’m sure you’ll keep us up to date on interesting findings in this area.

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