Troubleshooting Tips and Brain Based Benefits

When learning or leadership problems pop up – how do you troubleshoot to ensure that all those you mentor, coach, teach, or facilitate will takeaway more? ! Brain Based Trouble Shooting Copy 2


Below are brain-compatible strategies I use and I’d love to hear your tips.

!troubleshoot learning problems

2 thoughts on “Troubleshooting Tips and Brain Based Benefits

  1. Robyn McMaster

    Excellent tips, Ellen. What not ask folks a two-footed question that links to the problem, and if they were in control, name some possibilities to solve it.

  2. Ellen Weber

    Yes I agree Robyn, that’s a perfect way to gain the interactive culture that flows from troubleshooting with the brain in mind. Would you agree that reflecting on the possibilities together is often half the solution already launched in most groups? Thanks for the suggestion!

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