Two-Footed Questions for Ten Friends

Over at Middle Zone Musings, Bob Hruzek’s wondering what we’ve learned lately from friends.

That brought to mind 10 key questions I’ve been wanting to ask a few friends of Brain Leaders and Learners. Here go my 10 invitations to learn ’em,  Bob and friends.

1. Robyn, what does it take to merge creativity with technology, so that both hit new peaks in profit?

2. GL, how can humor make more people laugh at themselves and also learn – in today’s hectic workplace?

3. Bob,  if people are the capital in today’s business world how would they know that in current workplaces?

4. Ed, if you were to fix one process in a system that disregards people, what process would you fix first, and how would it differ with your fix?

5. Liz, how can people embrace positive change in ways that add more profitability and “belonging” to their workplace?

6. Brad, what’s the most important word or concept in successful social media today and what is the least important word? 

7. Jim, how can unique cultures come together for mutual benefit in the average workplace – so that people of all cultures speak and feel heard?

8. Chris, how do mind and emotions mix best for top marketing results, as you see it?

9. Anna, how can we begin to understand more motivations from fellow workers in ways that improve overall communications at work?

10. Wally, what would it take for leaders to learn from those they lead in ways that strengthened a workplace?

These are the topics I’d like to learn more about – from 10 brainy people I know. Could you toss answers at any of them, from where you stand?

13 thoughts on “Two-Footed Questions for Ten Friends

  1. Robyn McMaster

    Ellen, you’ve asked a tough question in how a marriage between creativity and technology can lead to profit. Blogging would be a good example of creativity highly connected to technology. If you run a business, you can truly share it through social media. It has a lot of promise and besides it’s very challenging to the brain as well as satisfying when you complete a very creative post.

    You’ve also been discovering that taking a risk to set up a whole new blog can be very rewarding. What would you say about creativity and technology taking you to new peaks?

    Robyn McMasters last blog post..Power Impacts Success and Performance

  2. eweber Post author

    Great connection Robyn, and thanks for the insight. The technology for me at times can rob the creativity part – unless you think of tossing a computer out one’s window as a creative move. So, I often see the disconnect faster than the connect. Guess I need to look a bit deeper:-)! You have me thinking anyway.

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  4. Mother Earth

    I started blogging to guide more traffic to my business website, in the process a huge layer of creativity was expressed and I find that more intriguing. Planning the posts, highlighting them visually – I am intoxicated by it – It leaves me in a strange place of shift, an unclear shift because I don’t know if creativity can earn me a decent living

  5. eweber Post author

    Thanks for stopping by Karen! Your Mother Earth is refreshing, and thanks also for speaking for so many of us. In the fast paced workplaces that consume a bit too much of our minds and time, it’s an amazing privilege to reflect and step back to create deeper places through words and images.

    The key will be to watch for opportunities to shift the uneven weighting we toos money to – so that creativity of this sort finds a fair value as have other creative fields:-) I think that when quality like yours catches the eye of money brokers — the changes will follow. It can be tough to wait it out though:-)

  6. JD

    Ellen, how did I miss this great question. I will ask you one as well. Do you think if wall street had more diversity in their ranks the greed would have been less?
    In answer to your question, we must leave sterotypes at the door and, take the time to understand each other as people striving for trust and respect. I enjoy a diversty of friends of different back grounds, income, gender, gender preference,sizes,political views,personalities,religions,education, and all that is befor race or color. If we allow ourselves to think, diversity only means not white, then we are very mistaken. The implication is white is right which causes anger on all sides, no mater what you are you are unique. But if we take the time to understand each other we will find we are more alike than different.

  7. eweber Post author

    Hey, Jim, YOUR QUESTION WINS OVER MINE TO YOU. How so? It stirs up everything I care deeply about and I will write a blog to take it on! Stay tuned friend – I’ll be back soon on this one!!

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