A Brain on Laughter

On weekends or days off I like to get back my mojo with people who love to laugh as much as I do. Yes, I tend to avoid cranky complainers and prefer to hang more with comedians in my down time.  

Years ago I discovered that to learn and practice humor benefits brainpower and rallies momentum? How so?

Brain on Laughter We can stoke aha moments when needed most.

Laughter lowers harmful stress – even through a fake smile

Even a smile, adds new zest for life!

Humor heals anxieties and erases fears.

Bust out a grin to boost moods!

Who’d have guessed that comedy amps up alertness!

Long term laughter improves our health and resilience! laugh-jpeg

It even helps us conquer grief or tackle trauma as a way to overcome loss. Perhaps even more importantly – a few hearty laughs on my days off prepares me for stressors that will likely pop up in the week ahead.

What’s your take on humor and its brain benefits this weekend?

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