50 Acts that Enhance Novelty at Work

50 doables below add brainpower  to derail workplace toxins and launch innovations leaders crave for a new era. Understand your proclivity for novelty, and begin to step toward more innovative outcomes for success in a new era.

50 Acts that Enhance Novelty at Work

New research about novelty’s power in the brain – only yields its elixirs to those who take advantage. How so?

1 – Step up with confidence.

2 – Join a social media group.

3 – Ask advice from a novice.

4 – Don’t try to avoid risks.

5 – Reconsider negative opinions.

6 – Become what you’d like others to see in you.

7 – Act like a genius who values humility.

8 – Use both sides of your brain to solve a problem.

9 – Discuss a problem with solutions in mind.

10 – Be specific about improvements you want.

11 – Listen to your tone during a difficult exchange.

12 – Prioritize 5 top tasks to complete in order.

13 – Focus on one new growth area.

14 – Build goodwill with somebody during a disagreement.

15 – Share opposing views of a controversial issue.

16 – Ask compelling questions during a boring meeting.

17 – Try a new approach to learn something new.

18 – Take advantage of chemical and electrical circuitry to advance past a struggle.

19 – Benefit more from gender differences.

20 – Chill with ethical people

21 – Hire an older worker.

22 – Go for top capabilities others want from you.

23- Facilitate winning solutions for people who differ.

24 – Design an innovative project that discourages bullying.

25 – Congratulate  groups where racism rarely appears

26 – Remain calm under pressure by taming your amygdala

27 – Laugh at the little things.

28- Speak up and feel heard.

29- Listen to catch names and use them as you communicate.

30 – Remember more by outsourcing facts.

31 – Discourage cynical encounters.

32 – Use mistakes as stepping stones to success.

33 – Convert beliefs into actions that benefit others.

34 – Get help beyond technical glitches into innovative results.

35 – Reconfigure people as capital for higher ROI.

36 – Renew without fear.

37 – Move younger people into pathways of growth.

38 – Help to fix broken systems by offering your talents.

39 – Seek innovative solutions when you meet routine problems.

40 – Increase your leadership IQ.

41 – Make one significant change.

42 – Find one growth possibility in unexpected setbacks

43 – Act opposite one habit that holds you back.

44 –  Replace one limiting myth with a new reality.

45 – Change one routine to add room for growth.

46 – Run a highly interactive meeting.

47 – Contribute to an ethical climate by modeling high values.

48- Use an online tool to advance an innovation.

49 – Reflect on approaches to engage all for mutual dividends.

50 – Use smart skills that combine hard and soft.

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