Announcing the Dr. Robyn McMaster Scholarship at Mita International Brain Center

It’s an awesome moment at the Mita International Brain Center, one that allows us to give possibilities to people who often lack access to life-changing opportunities!

This morning I awoke to a surprising, grace-filled and generous gift of fund started in Robyn’s name by Sherri Tyler Literary Sherri and fellow leaders at TpT that she deeply honored and loved.

Dr. Robyn McMaster – much loved and valued former Senior VP at Mita International Brain Center

Dr. Robyn McMaster – much loved and valued former Senior VP at Mita International Brain Center

Thank you to those who set up this memorial scholarship fund! Thank you to all who donated to its growth.  Through this amazing new fund – a  longtime dream just leaped into life here at the brain center to help us give back even more.

In honor of the many ways Robyn loved to give to others – all funds will immediately become the Dr. Robyn McMaster Scholarship.  Awarded annually. we’ll soon support additional learners and leaders tangibly who would most benefit from brain based skills and Mita Center materials with support from the brain center. Recipients will be coached, mentored and taught from the Mita Brain Center to Lead Innovation with the Brain in Mind – in Robyn’s precious memory.

The scholarship will become fully transparent and inclusive – just as Robyn modeled and led – and will carry the care and thoughtfulness that describes her awesome life! See Robyn’s final day here.

We are considering the group, Champion Academy  for our first scholarship recipient that will be supported  in Robyn’s name. Since I was out on the street at 14 myself, after my mom died of cancer, I understand deeply the challenges and struggles of teens edging through life alone, without family or financial support. Similarly, I also understand the opportunities that can come through care of adult mentors who come alongside in supportive ways. Without this I would not be alive today, much less have an awesomely close daughter, son-in-law and two loving grandchildren. My brothers did not make it and sadly ended their lives in despair, trying.

Robyn, was a firm believer that – life can change if we each do a part to benefit other humans! She especially believed in and loved helping teens and she valued leadership that cared as she encouraged me to teach graduate leaders in St. John Fisher College, in a course called, LEAD INNOVATION WITH THE BRAIN IN MIND. That MBA course is now going online – so that people outside the Rochester area can learn the very same learning and leading tactics I teach at a Master level.

Be blessed as we each support and care about one another today – in ways Robyn taught us through lived grace.

Best, Ellen

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