Innovation that Transforms Tedium

If you’re running away from ruts that once  spun your wheels – or if you’re interested in  adventures that lead innovation – check out Patti Blackstaffe‘s blog to see how Happy Workplaces use Brainpowered Tools to Succeed.

Patti Blackstaffe

Why not, identify one small area that could use improvement where you work. Fuel your brain with a shot of dopamine, by proposing a novel idea for growth.

Then run with a few winners like Patti – in the opposite direction of  busted routines.

With a little help from talented peers, brainpowered tools, you’ve never before tried – will equip you to lead novel designs you’ve never before imagined.

Patti and I plan to stir serotonin’s well being into our innovative pathways this week! You?

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