What if You Created a Game-Based Culture?

grammar baseball


If given a choice, who wouldn’t choose exciting adventures over boredom, fun over tedium, and games over facts memorized for a never-before-seen test?

But what if you discovered the human brain can move you from bored behavior to brilliant outcomes? Through games that leave you laughing, challenged and ready for more?

What if you could alter what you do, to do what you’d enjoy most?

Whole brain game


And what if that shift rewired your brain and others to build an enviable culture? A culture where brainy settings became a daily peak of innovative tools and moving parts that keep brainpower alive in ways that offer you tangible rewards?

Here’s a baseball game, for instance, that teaches grammar with fun. Or how about a jeopardy-like game that teaches brain parts to help you work more with your brain than against it. In Einstein’s words:

Games are the highest form of investigation.

Have you considered gaming to enhance mental adventures?

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