Five Checkpoints to Brain Based Learning

If you agree that traditional learning ignores the brain’s amazing capabilities to excel, you’ll likely also agree that MITA Brain Based learning approaches could add successful opportunities to the learning process. How so?

We at the MITA Brain Based Center see all humans as capable of developing far more brainpower for both personal and group growth. That’s why MITA’s 5 manifesto points  tap into the human brain’s potential to draw from hidden and unused resources. 

Add meaning and adventure to learning as you.:

1. Question possibilities with two feet: Learn through curiosity building and you’ll step into questions that engage personal experiences with one foot, and  knowledge to extend those experiences, with the other.

2. Target improved solutions to real world problems,  that draw from brain based tools, and from differences across cultures, backgrounds, genders and intelligences.  MITA targets guide you to create concrete evidence of meaningful outcomes across differences.

3. Expect quality and growth, regardless of past failures or disappointments in learning endeavors. In MITA approaches, expectations inspire caring communities to engage dynamic insights about the human brain that draw together diverse people and deep ideas.

4. Move multiple intelligence resources into action in ways that draw from all cultures represented, and evaluate with unique approaches that include every learner’s proclivity in an intelligence-fair manner.

5. Reflect for ongoing growth that engages the wider community in a Celebration of Knowledge and extends a unit learned into evidence of real world problems solved together.

Much like Joseph Conrad stated in The Heart of Darkness, MITA methods were created on the life-changing belief that:

The mind is capable of anything – because everything in it, is all the past as well as the future.  

If you believe that your brain is capable of activity in one or more of the MITA approaches above, you’d likely do especially well in MITA certification – which enables you to accomplish things never before accomplished by using parts of the brain never before used. Have you seen it happen?



  1. Ellen-
    What a great list to share! The only thing I would add is this:
    SHARE-when we share what we have worked through as learners-we become stronger and more confident.

    What is frustrating for me as both a parent and an educator is that very little of this is encouraged in school!

    Angela Maierss last blog post..Introducing LeaderTalk

  2. eweber says:

    Angela, thanks for stopping by and I could not agree with your comments more! We are actually creating MITA curriculum to rejuvenate a series of schools in Papua New Guinea at the moment, for that reason.

    As to the share part — that too in MITA methods is deep and brain based. In the #5 phase we have students invite 5 guests from their wider community to share and exchange key ideas and display their work created. A bit like an academic poster conference, but far more since MI is involved, it is the highlight of the entire MITA learning and assessment and is a three hour sharing and exchanges event.

    You are likely aware of the research that shows how learners retain 90% more when they teach others as they learn a thing themselves. We do the celebration event – even when we teach and certify university faculty.

    For example, their final task is to share insights through a MITA celebration of Knowledge event. Learning is wonderful when is becomes an adventure — but it takes courage to change broken parts in the current system! I am glad you do just that Angela!!

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  7. Hearti Lopez says:

    Thanks for sharing. Human brain is really amazing because any person maybe born with extra memory, but it is not guaranteed of one success. Sometimes it more on person focused, efforts, and enthusiasm

  8. That is what really amazing on human brain.

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