Creativity in MITA Celebration of Growth

A MITA Celebration provides an opportunity to try out and celebrate newly created solutions – with the brain in mind.

In MITA Leadership Certification programs, participants showcase newly created solutions to stubborn problems at work. Key results are then expressed as innovative resolutions in a Celebration Event.                

This MITA celebration event could be called the heart of this leadership program. It’s the evidence of visible transformation — through brain based tactics learned, engaged and applied, as tools developed during the 20-hour program.  

Guided by keen insights about how to engage high-performance minds, the celebration quantifies all that was learned, created and applied to upgrade a person’s life and leadership. Who attends?

The MITA Celebration distinguishes brain based leadership in that participants engage guests in an entrepreneurial idea at the same time they are testing its efficiency. Why does it work?

In many leadership programs, content is less connected to specific practices or approaches, whereas MITA celebration tightly links innovation to creation and shows concrete evidence of growth and change. It’s the transformational piece required for the brain to rewire for growth in carefully chosen and unique directions. Can you see how it transforms routines for cutting edge advantages.

Some participants describe the Brain Based Celebration  as a party of brilliant exchanges that tend to trigger Einsteinium results. Others see it as a museum of creative insights transformed into novel practices that draw from all who attend.

In either case, leaders in the certification program invite selected guests to their final celebration gathering, and then actively engage participants through brain based questions and reflections that challenge: Where to from here?”

Certification is offered to leaders after the completion of the 20 hour program – which includes a final Celebration of Growth — to showcase Distinguished Creativity.

Can you visualize transformational opportunities for your workplace in such a celebration? If so, you’ll also see why those who work at the MITA center learn daily and so love what we do.


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