10 Free Gifts to Boost Holiday Brains

Want more mental zip this holiday? Exhausted by holiday parties you can’t afford?

Rather than  ride Grinch trains along tired tracks, why not ring in a holiday this year,  with new mental zip and lasting takeaways.  See how priceless holiday returns can come for free!

Since brains reorganize with action,  jumpstart your gift- gala by using newly discovered neuro facts to ramp up free fun festivities to grace your holiday.

Holiday Giving Boosts Brainpower

First, open presents of intrapersonal IQ  to ensure your most confident, courageous, ready-to-roll you. Then give gifts like those listed below to launch mental fitness for a genius.

Check out this FREE kit to facilitate teens and young adults to give priceless gifts for game-changer holiday takeaways. Then reward them for the fun with point system and buttons included in the free kit.


1. Novel look. Support somebody’s new idea and watch holiday gloom   re-shape into a sparkling new view. Truth is, gloomy minds default back to disappointing routines. What if you show 3 people how their talents are holiday gifts?

2. Laughter drugs. Humor changes the chemistry of brains by ramping up serotonin drugs. Dangerous cortisol chemicals fade into holiday hilarity. What if you asked one person to recount a comical party story?

3. Musical alterations. Singing together rebuilds trust so that differences emerge as gifts.  Pelle Ahlerup, U of Gothenburg showed how singing together adds  oxytocin, the trust chemical. What if you gathered friends to sing holiday tunes in a senior’s home?

4. Tools to tame tigers. When frustrations are fueled by disappointments, holiday magic dies.  Tame the brain’s amygdala and moods lighten into jovial expectations. What if you invite one busy friend to help you plan a cheery surprise for somebody with less?

5. Finer view.  Look at any celebration through another’s eyes, and you’ll open new neuron pathways to cheer. What if you listened to a friend’s holiday expectations – and then suggest one possibility that would enhance that person’s season?

6. Whistles while you work. Prepare holiday fun to music that rings in merriment. Music changes brain wave speeds and lightens moods. What if you were to plan a musical extravaganza as this YouTube of a mall flash mob?

7. Hooks onto cheer.  Since the brain’s frontal region switches between “difficult times” and “magic moments,” hook wonder to replace worry.  What if you were to help somebody hook a holiday event that brightens a difficult situation?

8. Spirit outside a box. Multiple intelligences will help you capture seasonal spirit that many miss. Watch this homeless man sing of hope and holiday “diamonds in the sky,” for instance! What if you value a holiday gift from an unlikely place?

9. Animated IQ.  Brains literally rewire daily based on our lively actions. The Grinch may use poor tone as a silent killer, but practice good tone and you’ll give holiday cheer in new more animated offerings?

10. Thanks to somebody. Thank and encourage those who least expect it. Why not build healthy holiday relationships that shape joyous celebrations for all? What if you thanked at least one person daily before the holiday?

Oh, and one final brain-booster gift

Speak a person’s name to spike

personal wellbeing as gift wrap.

Since PET scans show a strong cerebral flow change when folks hear their names,  imagine the prosperity if we all spoke names more thoughtfully.

What will you do today to retrain your brain for a finer holiday season?


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  2. […] 10 Free Gifts to Boost Holiday Brains (Dr. Ellen Weber on Brain Leaders and Learners) […]

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