Multiple Mental Lookouts

Have you seen our financial crisis through a different lens? Or do you dare to dream when others damn a thing? Can you see another side?

80 Introduce MI into upper classes - Blog post JpEG

 Do you look at war or peace from many angles? I ran into a government run outfit that sells guns and ammunition to US Troops. Sales go down when military members go home.

Do you support war because you see “doing nothing” as the only alternative? Or do you favor robust peace plans when conflict erupts?

We may have built cultures around one way of seeing war as a best approach.  We may have labeled peace as a dangerous do-nothing default.

But the brain comes with equipment for a wider view – and finer options.

80 Introduce MI into upper classes - Blog JpEG 2

 Ready to see new panoramic possibilities with a wider lens from hidden or unused intelligences?

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