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Target Multiple Intelligences – Run from Lectures

Take your brain back to the last lecture or meeting you endured, and you’ll likely agree with research that shows how lectures work against human brains.  It’s the same for meetings where few people talk for the most part. You retain less than 5% heard in lectures, while you retain more than 90% of what you teach others. Simply put, lectures benefit faculty, not students, and that fact likely keeps them rolling.

Multiple intelligences, on the other hand, increase motivation and achievement for any topic. Let’s say you wish to learn more about the economy, in order to understand why we’re suddenly spiraling downward.

Ask the lecturer in this video and he will say he engages listeners.  He might even go on to suggest today’s audiences expect too much and give too little. Ask listeners and they may support these 100 reasons to run hard from lectures!

Have you considered lately how …

to target your multiple intelligences to investigate new possibilities:

1. Mathematical or logical targets would enable you to trace the logical chains of reasoning to discern where problems rooted.

2. Verbal linguistic targets would include reading and discussing economic trends, as well as writing a plan for economic growth, and perhaps even proposing it to your bank manager.

3. Musical or rhythmic targets would possible have you composing musical solutions or studying those who have expanded the economy through music.

4. Visual spatial targets would create or use images, graphs, or visual portrayals to understand and explain economic problems and possibilities.

5. Bodily-kinesthetic targets would engage you in movement, building and handling materials in ways that deepen understanding about past and future economic challenges and opportunities.

6. Interpersonal or social targets would help you to discern and respond well to moods, temperaments, motivation, and desires of different people as they relate to economic bust and boom.

7. Intrapersonal or introspective targets tap into your self-knowledge, integrity and discrimination for good or bad money choices for yourself and others.

8. Naturalistic targets give you mental tools to draw on patterns and designs in nature as a way to see real world problems and propose nature-related solutions for economic growth.

A new look at the brainpower within multiple intelligences is helping us to improve learning – by targeting more brainpower than can be found in lectures or speeches which leave participants with more brain cramps than usable facts.

Have you seen brainpower unleashed in such learning investigations?

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34 Comments to “Target Multiple Intelligences – Run from Lectures”

I’ve always been an independent learner…for instance, my high school didn’t teach calculus so I stared teaching myself. And I’ve taught a lot of classes and led groups in behavior modification, the MBTI, stress management, dealing with difficult people, etc. because I learn best by trying to explain concepts to someone else. Also, if I’m teaching something I have to practice what I preach. At least one person always got something out of my classes…me!

So my answer to your question is Yes!

Thanks for dropping by Jean. It’s fun to apply strategies that allow participants to teach others at the same time they are learning themselves:-).

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hi, thank you share very beautiful

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I myself learn in my own understanding and way.I think of this that i can learn on my own rather than to other people learn in some way.This multiple intelligence is a kind of concept that people learn on how they are learn things. its a clear explaination….

hi there,

I am doing my M>A in English Teaching. My favorite thesis subjec is MI theory. I was wondering if you could send me some newly released books and articles within the are of Multiple Intelligence and Linguistic Intelligence.

Sincerely Yours,
Habib Moazedi