What opens your mind?

When Helen Keller said, Life is either a daring adventure or it is nothing at all, did she describe you? In many secondary and college classes change or different approaches are risky and deeply unfashionable. Yet this is what education urgently needs!

What opens your mind to new adventures? And how do you inspire others to catch a glimpse of possibilities beyond everyday problems? Perhaps a top priority here – is that first step dared and taken to nudge you beyond stockpiled comfort that traps you in your brain’s basal ganglia storehouses.

Do you agree that …

… to open your mind is to dare invest in a new concept beyond comforts that cloud your view?


Open-mindedness relies on your brain’s plasticity or its ability to change itself. If you guessed that it takes action toward a thing to open one’s mind to new possibilities – you are correct.

To teach open-mindedness to others is to teach opposing view concepts. At my TpT site I uploaded resources that teach mindful opposing views on hot topics that interest students. They often express sheer delight in learning to see adventures beyond previously limited views. Have you seen that too?

opposing view

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