Why Do Brains Resist or Run to Community Outreach?

eweber   June 23, 2015   No Comments

Ever wonder how your brain uploads new ideas? How it runs with wonder toward inspired ideas – or rejects renewal like bats reject sunshine? Or have you sensed brilliance that thrives just beyond your reach? The brain holds secret paths toward new ideas such as combining learning+summer fun+giving as in… Read more »

Looking for Summer Learning Adventures?

eweber   June 10, 2015   2 Comments

Imagine a summer where you aced a sizzling new skill and came away with terrific takeaways – all from your own multiple intelligences. It can happen with a few adjustments – even in an ordinary day. Invite a teen to try it with you and add to the fun!  Start… Read more »

Run from Meetings?

eweber   May 3, 2015   No Comments

Imagine a meeting that offers an opportunity to build a breakthrough learning community. Or do your meetings dose and snuff out terrific ideas with terrifying toxins? Spot any incentives for genius meetings in this video? Let’s rethink why we run from some meetings, and take another look together at new… Read more »

Change the Metaphor to Improve Learning – Speak Up and Feel Heard!

eweber   April 5, 2015   No Comments

To improve learning is to change the metaphor so that all students and their teachers relate positively.  When kept silent – too many teens face boredom and frustrations that come from silent toxins. The opposite is also true.Students who speak up and feel heard do far better in every class!… Read more »

Let’s Bust Brain Myths

eweber   March 2, 2015   No Comments

If awesome learning lives  just beyond myths – what myth would you bust first? New neuro discoveries show myths related to lectures, venting, contentment, boredom, music and more. Have you seen a learning myth that needs busting so that learning opportunities grow? Care for a FREE  form to help others… Read more »

Discovery Builds a Brain Based Culture

eweber   February 28, 2015   No Comments

Games are the most elevated forms of investigation, according to Einstein. So too are active projects, most young adults agree! Discover how brain chemicals, life experiences and genetics play key roles in learning choices and outcomes! See how your brain transforms barriers into benefits and wiggles problems into possibilities. Build… Read more »

Women in History and Today

eweber   February 21, 2015   No Comments

                                              Celebrate women’s history month by supporting gals past and present! Let’s look actively at cognitive differences… What gems  can we each teach and learn from the opposite gender? Imagine a day that values women and men… Read more »