Prepare Leaders for Mind Drivers Past Gridlock

What if  you engaged opposing views as if you supported these  before you address an opinionated view?

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Why Follow Directions with Whole Brain?

Read directions with left brain tasks.  Follow through with right brain actions! Expect winning results!

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It’s as simple as reading it with an idea to roll it out!

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Multiple Mental Lookouts

Have you seen our financial crisis through a different lens? Or do you dare to dream when others damn a thing? Can you see another side?

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 Do you look at war or peace from many angles? I ran into a government run outfit that sells guns and ammunition to US Troops. Sales go down when military members go home.

Do you support war because you see “doing nothing” as the only alternative? Or do you favor robust peace plans when conflict erupts?

We may have built cultures around one way of seeing war as a best approach.  We may have labeled peace as a dangerous do-nothing default.

But the brain comes with equipment for a wider view – and finer options.

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 Ready to see new panoramic possibilities with a wider lens from hidden or unused intelligences?

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Even a Fake Smile Boosts Moods

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Laughter ~

1. Can stoke Aha moments when needed most.

2. Lowers stress – even through a fake smile

3. Adds new zest for life!

4. Heals anxieties and reduces fears.

5. Boosts moods!

6. Adds alertness.

7. Improves health and resilience

8. Helps you to conquer grief or trauma  and to overcome loss.

Teach Thanks as a Mental Tool!

69. Teach Thanks Cover - portrait

Teach Thanks!

Use thankfulness as a mental tool to build cool new pathways, by  monitoring your inner voice. Include a small dose of thanks, then get ready to alter challenges for a finer step into your day. Check out the power of human-brains-on-thanks – and gratitude follows.

GK Chesterton taught thanks as the highest form of thought, and gratitude as happiness doubled by wonder. You? Continue reading →

Best 50 Blogs in 2013 – with Thanks!

Honored to  rank  in the 50 Best Leadership Blogs of 2013.

Award winning blog

Thanks to the generous research by Dr. Jon Warner – we are supported, encouraged and blessed by this kind recognition.

Many good friends  and colleagues here in this list, remind us daily to keep on creating and to join together in ways that  lead innovation toward a fine place for all.

For me – that always comes back to leading innovation with the brain in mind. You?

So excited my family is here soon — and hope you are all especially enjoying the summer sun!

Teacher Talk and Test Fallacy

Learn-teach quote poster

At any age – ACT as you learn for progress that sticks! Your brain’s *plasticity will do the rest!


* Plasticity is the brain’s amazing ability to create change by building new neuron pathways to dynamic innovations. It’s all based on our actions as we learn!

Mutual Mentoring – Where all Lead and All Learn

41. 10 Step Mentoring for Leaders and Learners - coverImagine mentor tasks where all learn, all teach and all lead. It’s called mindguiding – and it uses new neuro discoveries.

Mentors learn to lead – by working with their brain’s amazing equipment to learn, grow and collaborate with another person in symbiotic activities.

In contrast to traditional mentors who mostly teach,  mindguides work together in a vibrant set of tasks that help them to learn, lead and inspire change mutually – as they grow personally. Continue reading →

#25 of 25 Writer Brain Boosters


25. Imagine We-They  Circles

Female and male brains differ biologically and intellectually in ways that few optimize. Cultural preferences differ and you can capitalize of people’s unique strengths. Change filters to write from new views.

Change filters to insert new view. Write from different filters, from another person’s vantage point. Ask readers to do the same.

What benefits could come to your day from brain related details on gender learning differences?

#24 of 25 Writer Brain Boosters

24. Propose Plausible Solutions

The brain creates new neuron pathways toward possibilities you propose to problems encountered.  Design innovative solutions!

Create T-Chart – and on left side – list 3 problems.

On the right ride of T-Chart list plausible solutions.

Write possibilities from T-Chat list and discuss doable solutions to address any problems raised.

It’s really about moving from STUCK to UNSTUCK!  (Can you identify with this video?)

How will you design your best solutions this week?

#23 of 25 Writer Brain Boosters

23. Teach Readers as Your Learn

Inspire creativity and invention through teaching at the same time you also learn. Ask readers what you can do to help them to enjoy learning and teaching

Open with a brain booster question to build curiosity in your readers. Remind them that we retain far more whenever we teach others at the same time we learn. Model how to learn and teach at the same time.

See why telling works against brains – while engaging sparks interest.

#22 of 25 Writer Brain Boosters

22. Name Call

To name people with respect, is to spike personal awareness in their brains. That means looking for value that people add and communicating that value in your writing.

You may enjoy this link related to brains, new neuro discoveries and spoken names.

How will your writing cherish more names in ways that communicate genuine respect for another’s offerings?

#21 of 25 Writer Brain Boosters

21. Don’t Shrink Reader Brains

Stress can literally shrink brains. Use stress busters before you write.

1. Breath deeply 10 times, with an effort to relax.

2. Listen to classical or ambient music.

3. Appreciate something and write about  it.

4. Remember fun with a good friend.

5. Break down a difficult fact into smaller pieces.

6. Write a comical story, or laugh at yourself.

7. Prioritize difficult parts of a problem.

8. Interview a person you admire most.

9. Tackle one difficult thing to show courage.

10. Create a winning stress-buster to relax.

What stress-free event will describe your day?

#20 OF 25 Writer Brain Boosters

20. Integrate Right and Left Brain

It often takes a few whole brain essentials to communicate big pictures for a wider audience.

From their left brains readers look for language, detail, scientific facts, strategies, logical thinking and sequencing approaches to show the order or timelines explored.

From their right brains, readers may expect word pictures, shared stories, musical rhythms or designs with novel and innovative possibilities. The key is to integrate strengths as problem solving tools from both sides of your brain.

What will you write today to inspire people to use right and left brain strengths. How will you avoid errors shown in this interview video that prevented an applicant from landing her first job?

#19 of 25 Writer Brain Boosters

19. Say it Squarely but Fairly!

Meta-messages blur clarity through implications that differ from words actually written.

See examples

What do you actually write when you really mean to write, “This topic stinks!

#18 of 25 Writer Brain Boosters

18. Rate Through Encouragement  Boost a peer’s writing talents by encouragement. Support builds writing capabilities through raised serotonin .

Avoid punishing mistakes through negativity that sends  stress hormones –or cortisol – that kill growth  possibilities.

Pre-empt all feedback with appreciation.  The brain fuels creativity with  serotonin –increased by appreciation.

What if you rated every person as you would like to be rated?

What if your feedback  opened innovative pathways for another person’s progress?

#17 of 25 Writer Brain Boosters

17. Play Plasticity to Win. How so?

Plasticity refers to the brain’s equipment to rewire your brain, and increase its capabilities to write. That said, plasticity expands writing ability when you:

~ Laugh at yourself

~ Speak and feel heard

~ Engage readers who rarely get involved

~ Monitor your inner language to succeed

~ Ask good questions respectfully

OK – it’s your turn! ~ How will you continue to play with new writing approaches to see what works best?

#16 of 25 Writer Brain Boosters

16. Outsource More Memory

Research and jot down a few new facts about your topic.  It’s a bit like outsourcing unfamiliar facts and figures.

This frees up your working memory  to focus on integrating these new facts in ways that  solve real-life problems in your writing.

Working memory holds new facts a very short time, so you may wish to  sketch the fact in a quick image or diagram next to its meaning.

#15 of 25 Writer Brain Boosters

15. Tackle Cynicism with Creativity

Cynical mindsets or pessimistic outlooks literally block creativity, impact talent, and stomp out innovation that could fuel your writing.

Cynicism at the start of an essay tanks creative possibilities for an entire work.

Convert toxic cynical statements into creative possibilities with brainy writing benefits.

Does your writing avoid toxins in the mind of a cynic?

#14 of 25 Writer Brain Boosters

14. Engage Multiple Intelligences

How will readers see your topics through language, self, others, visuals, music, movement, nature, science or math?

A far wider range of intelligences is common to all readers, yet used by few writers.

How will you hold the interest of readers who are strong in one or more of the intelligences named above? Survey your best intelligences for free!

What will an artist gain, or a musician, for instance?

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